Park up front by the reception area?


I have a question for seasoned travelers. IF you need to get a hotel, for whatever reason, what are some precautionary measures you take to be sure your bike isn't stolen. This is in addition to locking the forks, and possibly an anti theft alarm system. Do you park up front by the reception area? A certain way you park it? Any tips, & advice is greatly appreciated!

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  1. If thieves want it it’ll take about 30 sec. To get it unless its got a huge chain on it wrapped around a car. They take sections of 4×4 shove them through your wheels and 4 guys throw it in a truck. Saw surveillance video from police. They don’t care if the bike gets hurt cosmetically, they want the big parts. Sleep well.

  2. It doesn’t matter if you’re camping or at a motel either.

  3. Yes don’t over think it. I would add this however. If you can get an exterior motel (older ones where each door opens to outside) vs. newer interior corridor unit, take it. Even if you bike isn’t right outside your door, the thief doesn’t know that. I do this with my work because I may a lot of valuable equipment in the truck, useless at a pawn shop, but they don’t know that until it is already gone.

  4. Stay in motel park in front if room

  5. A crappy looking bike cover can help. But locks (2 or 3) to detour them.

  6. If I can’t park my Harley on the sidewalk obstructed by cars or adjacent to front entry and front desk, I have a large red cover labeled Honda. Never had a problem…

  7. The campgrounds we stay in are motorcycle oriented.I hardly ever lock or even take the keys out of mine.If you can’t trust other bikers,who can you trust?

  8. Just pull out a quart of oil and spill a couple ounces on the ground below the engine, who would want to steal a bike with an oil leak.

  9. Locks won’t deter a serious thief. Neither will a security system. A drunk maybe. But a drunk won’t get far. People who do this know what they’re doing. BTW your car is an easier target and more likely to get stolen. If you are too concerned put a few miles on it. Staying around home and get used to the idea nothing is ever thief proof.

  10. Well, I’m not a stay at home kinda gal, as I love adventure. So I will venture out with a little bit of security. Whether it does the job or not will be seen.

  11. Mark, I think the idea is just to make it not worth the effort for thieves. True a professional thief, scouting the hotel parking lots for motorcycles, will come prepared for any lock and probably bring a few friends and a truck to haul it away. But a lock and cover may very well deter/thwart someone of questionable character just passing by who might otherwise roll away an unlocked bike.

  12. Low jack is also a good idea

  13. Go for it Ann. Stay. safe.

  14. Lock it and pocket the key. If they want it their gonna take it! Have fun, don’t stress, that why we have insurance…..

  15. One more thing……stay at a decent motel/hotel they have security.

  16. Just ask at the reception and use your common sense and lock the bike.

  17. Jeffery Gilbert please don’t lecture me. I’ve been there done that. Do you even ride? Casual theft of a motorcycle doesn’t happen. Many people cant ride let alone steal one on the spur of the moment. The factory fork/ignition lock will deter and defeat any casual thief. Anything more is for the owners piece of mind only. Watch the news more bikes get stolen at home than on the road. She should do what makes her comfortable and there were many suggestions worth consideration. Direct your comments to the person asking the question not me.

  18. I know very well that if someone wants it and has the know how it will be gone in less than…what…30 seconds….I really was after some input on what others do for piece of mind. I got some useful info that I greatly appreciate.

  19. We lock our forks and park up front where the cameras are… If we can we park where our room door is also…

  20. I cover mine with a Harley cover. Nobody wants it.

  21. Lmao Steve Botsford

  22. We try to park were we can see it from the room and try to park under a street light. Never had an issue

  23. Ann Symons…my husband and I have done a great deal of long trips..we have stayed in some nice hotels, where we park most of the time in front of the front doors, but sometimes they drive is to small. We have stayed at 5 star…and some 2 star!! Never had an issue regardless of where we parked. Lock your forks, remove all valuables..and sleep well!!

  24. 5 guys and a van….. it is gone. I lock it up and run a high quality cable lock through both wheels and the frame. I cover it with an old crappy cover. If traveling with someone else, we’ll lock the two together. If close enough, you could lock it to a pole. No problems yet, other that a stolen helmet 30 years ago in front of a store in California. When all else fails, full coverage insurance.

  25. Just bring it in the room, geez. I’ve done it before

  26. Ann I always park mine in front by my room but I live in Texas so everyone knows they may get shot. And you know I carry!!!

  27. Lol…..yeah….that I do know!

  28. A cheap alarm system: put a beer bottle or 2 on the bike so if it’s moved they will hit the ground & make a lot of noise. It can scary them off ,draw attention to the bike or if your close enough, u will know someone’s messing with your bike.
    Just saying!!

  29. I like that. Never thought my empties would be worth anything but a piss or two.

  30. It’s cheap but can be affective.

  31. Couple cross the bags and couple up fender side should do the trick. Personally I like LoJack.

  32. Bottom line: enjoy the adventure and don’t worry about the bike. Do what you want and are comfortable. Our first year on vacation with the bike I must have looked outside a dozen times. Now I don’t look at all. Once everything is off and bike secured with cover it is what it is. Enjoy.

  33. Yep yep….I plan on having a blast. I’m a person that likes to be prepared….not worried or paranoid….just prepared.

  34. One trick I do inside a motel is place a bottle or can on top of door handle to wake me up if someone trying to get in. I have stayed at some bad place.

  35. I park mine in the room!!!!!!!

  36. ^Sad, and sorry for the owner. Insurance doesn’t cover the pain in the butt & headache that goes with having this happen.

  37. Push beds together and bring inside stays clean and keeps ur peace of mind. Just has to be on bottom floor. If ur a vet and u stay on military bases ur good to go

  38. when with friends we lock bikes together,if they cant cut the cable,they aren’t moving them.

  39. I agree with Christopher, make sure bike has cooled down ans SNEAK it in as they say fire marshall laws on bikes in rooms,also be sure handlebars can fit through doorway,,,been kicked outta lot of hotels cuz of this,,,oh well they just don’t understand!!

  40. I could never fit my bike in the elevator!!

  41. I ride a trike but sometimes I ask to park under the awning right in front

  42. I always look for the fanciest Harley in the parking lot and park my Honda as close to it as possible. So far it has worked. 😉

  43. Actually more Honda are stolen every year than Harley Davidson motorcycles. Reasons include: There are more Hondas out there, more Honda models are light weight enough for a few men to pick up and place the bike in a transport vehicle when not being able to steer or operate the bike. More Harley’s have low-jack and other alarm and security systems installed on them than other motorcycle brands. More Hondas are left out in the open unattended ( not garaged) on a regular basis like; apartments, colleges, universities and residences without private garages.

  44. Well, thanks for the info on that, Pete. I know when I was shopping for my VTX, I called one dealer to tell me that the VTX I was inquiring about was sold, as was 4 others they had… 1 person who breaks them down & sells all the parts on the net….that is how he makes his living……Sad, but that is reality.

  45. Eeek Ann! That’s almost as bad as being a cannibal !

  46. I always park right in front of my room,put can or bottles so they fall if bikes messed with, lock the forks.Make sure insurance is paid! Sleep like a baby

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