How long was your first trip?


Question for you more travelled riders. What would you consider a good starter trip for a couple who hasn't done a lot of long distance riding? We're seriously looking at picking up a trailer and riding to the factory to get it. Trip is about 1600 miles one way. I wouldn't be in a total rush to get there and get back, maybe take 7 or 8 days to drive there.

How long was your first trip?

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  1. Take a trip about 400 miles, stay over night, and if you enjoy that you are good to go. Because you can travel 400 miles in comfort. Put four together and you got 1600miles.

  2. Tough question my wife and I use to do 700 + miles a day….but now 500 is pushing the limit of what we want to do a day anymore…..that being said if you don’t have that nasty four letter word left in your life WORK!!! then just take your time and enjoy….stop when you want see the sights….and ride safe…

  3. From where to where?Our first long trip was from North Alabama to the Rockies.Cortex,Colorado Springs, Denver,etc.4250 miles in 18 days.First 2 days were 600+ just so we would have more time out there.

  4. Jerry, Colorado springs area to NE Minnesota. Gary, definitely think we’ll do a test run first. Still want to get the tour pack for the RK for the misses for added comfort and storage.

  5. Before you ride to pick up that brand new trailer, make sure there is no assembly required.

  6. Even if you have a gas tank that can get you 300 miles, STOP and get gas every 100 miles or so and walk around. You can extend your trip (in comfort) if you do this.

  7. Get her excited about the trip and she will hang in there like a rust fish hook.The wife had never ridden over 350 in one day but she was still wanting to ride when we called it a day on those 600+ days.

  8. My first trip was in 2005 I left Ala and went out west road in every state except Washington Oregon North Dakota. Had a great time but it was to hot. I put 7400 miles on my bike was gone 5 weeks.
    Still love to travel on my bike when I have the money to.
    Have a great time on you trip.

  9. Sorry,
    it’s been said before…
    It’s the Journey NOT the destination.
    Go short, take the unconventional route to a common interest event.
    Buy as needs increase.
    But most of All !
    Ride Safe,
    Have Fun.

  10. Ride what you are comfortable with. Don’t get tired and try to push it. I my self like 500 to 600 per day.

  11. Start the trip on a Monday/Tuesday. Easier to find a room or campsite if you are camping when you reach your limit.

  12. Drive up to 100 miles at a time and stop for fuel, port break and to walk around. For your first trip, stop around 400 miles for the day if you are tired. Then repeat the next day.

  13. We went from Huntsville, AL to St. Augustine, FL with overnight stops in Savannah, Jacksonville. Went in October and the weather was gorgeous, cool temps. Came back through Gulfport for the MS state GWRRA rally.

  14. Always make your ride to and from your destination part of your trip. Take time to travel the backroads and discover what everyone on the interstate misses. You will be surprised what you find, who you will meet, etc.

  15. TTerri, that’s actually the plan, to avoid the highways as much as possible and take nothing but back roads ๐Ÿ™‚

  16. We took another trip to Key West and never got on the interstate. It was wonderful. Enjoy and may you have safe travels.

  17. If it’s in the heat, it can drain u pretty quick.

  18. 1st dozen trips no trailer camp small and hotel ride for the ride not the destination plan based on time not miles so you can enjoy the ride

  19. Our 1st trip was from central Ohio to the Blue Ridge Parkway and down to Ashville, NC then back. We spent about a week, took our time and just enjoyed it. We don’t like to do more than 400-450 miles a day. We stop about every 100-150 whether we need gas or not. If she’s concerned about comfort, get an AirHawk cushion for her. Don’t put it on the seat until a bit uncomfortable, then rotate it in and out for the rest of your day. It makes a huge difference and can really extend your day. Definitely plan on stopping frequently though… that makes all the difference. I ride my own and I ride as a passenger and there is a big difference in comfort levels between the two. As a passenger, you are more limited I think in positioninng yourself and making those little adjustments that make all the difference. Good luck and have a great time!!

  20. I’m a little different than everyone else here. I try to push straight and fast for the first day and motel first night. That usually gets me a 700 mile day for the first. The rest if I have no schedule are never over 300 miles.

  21. 3 weeks outbound, south Florida to La crosse WS, IA, MN, stayed at the chestnut mountain ski resort for 6 days ( best bacon in town ) 4 days in Guntersville Alabama, Lake Guntersville Lodge (Big Thumbs Up !!!) then back to south FZL, oh, and never touched a highway

  22. Just under 4K

  23. I played it safe and kind of waded into it. I just have a 375 lbs loaded cargo trailer and I ride solo. My first ride was empty 153 lbs. Just local secondary roads 35 – 45 MPH the first day just to get a feel for it. A week later I loaded it up and did the same again. Two days later I did a secondary highway trip to the NC/TN mountains. That was about 250 miles one way that day. That included riding "The Snake" ( Hyw 421 north of Boone, NC toward Bristol, TN.) Camped in Shady Valley TN a few nights. Route home was through the Virginia mountains. Camped at Willville Motorcycle Campground just off the Blue Ridge Parkway and then home a few days later. Total mileage pulling the trailer was around 550 miles including all types of roads including twisties, gravel and dirt, steep hills and curves, secondary, highway and then some interstate on the way home. Relaxed riding with no schedule to meet. That’s Heaven to me and a great way to start out IMHO!

  24. I would recommend the interstates until you get used to the bike and trailer.

  25. I would stay off the interstate. The truck turbulence alone will throw you around. Back road it while you learn.

  26. My very first "bike trip" was years ago, on a 1971 CB-750, went from Denver Co to Phoenix Az in a single LONG day. Would I do it again, not unless I had to (family emergency, ect) and was on a much better bike for that kind of riding, a GOLDWING comes to mind. . . ๐Ÿ™‚

  27. Pennsylvania to Sturgis in 3 day’s, 1, 700 miles!

  28. Impressive! but I am a bit to laid back for that kind of miles per day. Probably one reason I have never been. I have done several trips pushing 3,000 miles but always in a 10 to 14 day period of time. That’s just how I roll ๐Ÿ˜‰

  29. I like to do 250 to 350 miles a day. That’s a comfortable pace for me when doing long trips.

  30. My first ever 2 up trip, was from UK to South of France. We would do 2 days riding, then a coupple of days at a campsite. The riding is done 1 hour riding then a short stop then onverage stop every Hour for a short leg strech, or coffee, pee break, ride from about 09.00 to about 15.00 / 16.00 or 200 to 250 miles depending how far the next site was furthest was 300 in a day.
    I would suggest the most difficult part is for the pillion, if you have done any long riding fine if not start doing some short to med trips building up, more so 2 up.

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