The problem is my Harley’s clutch


I've been pulling my trailer over these 12000 ft pass in Colorado. Trailer my weight 300 total.

The problem is my Harleys clutch or gears are acting crazy. Not when driving or pulling the trl, but when I get stopped, it's hard to get in neutral. I kill it let it cool down 30 minutes later & I can get it neutral. I have to go over Wolf Creek pass tomorrow. I'm a little worried it my be doing something to the bike pulling these big mountains.

Any advice or thoughts?

I have an 07 screaming eagle ultra classic.

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  1. You might want to change out the oil in the primary.

  2. I was gonna say change the oil in the primary too.

  3. It has the hydraulic clutch. If it gets hot it want engage very well until it cools off.
    Thanks Richard Brown. Oil change might be the key.

  4. I spun my bike on a rocky incline in Maine after towing a little heavier trailer from SC to Gander Newfoundland and back in June. Thought I trashed my new clutch. Bangor HD drained and refilled it and I was on the road. Hope it works for you.

  5. I know nothing about Harley, but I pull some pretty good passes with the 1500 Vulcan. I have learned that things seem to work better when I work it that hard and it is hot out, to use 20 50 instead of 10 40. But need to get it out of there befor cool weather sets in. Or ya cant shift at all when it is cold.
    Just my 2 cents worth.

  6. Thanks Ron. Good advice is diffently worth more then 2 cents these days!!
    Richard that’s what has had me worried, if I was tearing something up in their. So that’s good to hear about changing that oil.

  7. In your Harley, you need to run a heavy gear oil in the transmission if you’re towing…especially if you’re towing. Like an 80W120, or 80W140, which you can pickup at any auto parts store in most states.

  8. Dane Clark, I’m a HD Tech, I do this for a living as well as for pleasure.

  9. I’m going to lighting the load on that trailer tomorrow before I pull that pass. Thanks everyone. It eased my concerns.

  10. Let us know how it works. And good luck

  11. Thanks John R Anderson.

  12. Ive seen that a lot in the air cooled harles. Clutches over heating.not much yoy can di but let it cool

  13. Hey John, is it ok to run that 80W120 all the time?

  14. I live in southern Colorado near Canyon city Colorado if you need any help Dane Clark

  15. Run synthetic mobile 1 20/50 in it..I pull a heavy ass trailer with no issues….also try to get your rpms shift into neutral…sometimes thats what ive done in the past

  16. Thanks John. Hopefully all will workout.

  17. Gene McKinney, I’ve got about the same setup for a camper as you, did John R. Anderson respond on the 80W120 question?

  18. Thanks Mark Sullivan.

  19. Anytime Sir……tag me if needed

  20. Typical Harley transmission when it gets hot. Shut engine off and it goes into neutral easy. Have the issue on both of our Tri-glides.

  21. Gene Ledgeman McKinney, yes, I run 80W140 in my Ultra full time, and I never, ever have problems finding neutral or any gear.

  22. The clutch plates swelling from heat sounds logical to me ( For what that’s worth, LOL I am not really a mechanic, I just bought some wrenches. )

  23. Clutch plate swelling, even on a hot bike is less than .005", not really enough to cause a problem finding neutral. It’s not a problem of the clutch disengaging (unless you’ve got a 14′ or 15′ with a recall clutch master cylinder), but more of a problem with heat buildup on the shift drum, and the dogs/ears on the gears. With these 6-speeds, 5 of them are helical cut, and when hot, can be a little bit of a struggle to disengage. A heavier, true gear oil relieves that problem. If the bike still wants to roll, with the clutch pulled in, while you struggle to find neutral, then you need your clutch adjusted at the clutch basket.

  24. Thanks John for the information. Really appreciate it.

  25. Put some Amsoil specific to your bike in it. Probably the V twin 20 W 50.

  26. Ugh, beating going bad add some lucas oil stabilizer to the transfer case. It will get you home.

  27. Get a Yamaha or Honda Goldwing..(heh..heh..heh..)

  28. Not meaning to insult anyone’s intelligence… and it may have already came up, but if you over-fill the primary, it will make it very difficult to get the bike in neutral. If this has already been mentioned, please disregard. B|

  29. Just a flow up. I did make it over Wolf Creek Pass with no problems but by time I got to Durango it was acting a little crazy. Anyway got her loaded up & heading back to Texas. Im going to change that primary oil with heavier grade when I get back. Just want to say thanks for.
    the advice & concerns.
    Ride safe my friends!!

  30. Sorry, Follow up!!

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