Numb toes and or feet after riding?


Happy spring riding everyone.

I have a question, does anyone else experience numb toes and or feet after riding?
This is really odd.

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Answers ( No )

  1. Yes, turned out my shoes were to tight.

  2. I have it while riding, so I bought "toe thingies" by castelli, that stopped it.

  3. Would help if you explained what type of riding you do and how long.

  4. Yup. Only on the left.

  5. Toe straps, clipless or platform pedals ?

  6. Shoes too small, shoe tighten thingies not tight enough so your toes press to the nose of your shoe, shoes too italian

  7. It's very common for the issue to be cleat placement.

  8. Sounds like circulation being cut off. Check everything from shoes to saddle. It's possible to pinch something in your butt and go numb at the feet, after all.

  9. only when riding in the Antarctic…..

  10. Thanks for all the replies.
    My type of riding: I ride 3 days on, 1 day off and repeat. I ride for fitness, health benefits, and general love of biking and nature. My average daily ride is between 10 and 15 miles. I average 12mph.
    My shoes are not too tight (but might be too loose)
    My pedals are flat pedals but I am considering getting toe cages. Not interested in toe clips.
    Also, the numbness in my toes lasts for 24 hours.
    I bought a new bike last yr.
    Im thinking I should take it in for a fit.
    Im going to swap out my seat and try that.
    I am 64 yrs old, and I have had disc surgery at an early age with resulting nerve damage.
    Some of you guys are funny.
    Thanks again

  11. cpould be pressure on nerves in the foot. Do you use hard-soled of soft soled shoes?

  12. I bought an insole "system" it really helped turns out I needed more arch support

  13. On my old pair of shoes. Way to tight need room to move your toes

  14. Try moving your cleat further back on your shoe.

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