Is 100mph on a road bike possible?


Is 100mph on a road bike possible??? Can a bike handle that kind of speed?

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Answers ( No )

  1. I get nervous at 40mph.

  2. I gone over 50 and it was totally scary but I bet someone has done a bigger hill and just gone for it.

  3. Might be possible. Might also be possible that the rims collapse because they were not designed for that speed. Or one or both tires blow out. I wouldn't want to do it on a descent, I'd be afraid of going off a precipice. But I do love speed.

  4. Here's a video of someone drafting a purpose built car and getting up to 125MPH:

  5. I've been clocked at nearly 60 mph on a road bike, descending. It's a weird feeling doing that while only wearing bike shorts and a jersey…

  6. Done 80mph on my BMX many years ago being towed by my mate in his MK2 escort, when I was young and brave! Hahaha

  7. What is with all the stupid questions dude?

  8. On a bike, it feels very fast going over 40 mph. The road surface is inches away from your feet. You're highly conscious of every change in the road, be it a curve or a bump or narrow road. I wonder if…going over that speed is pointless, just sort of seeking something to brag about to one's mates. And it seems to me that it would be easier to lose control at a speed of say over 40 mph. Keep in mind, I am not one of the more timid riders, I've descended at great speed on “half bikes” (meaning road bikes) and tandems. I just believe that very high speed is overdoing it, reckless, I'd say.

  9. The internet is your friend….

    John Howard, Olympic cyclist and Ironman triathlon winner, reset the record to 244 km/h (152 mph), also at the Bonneville Salt Flats, on 20 July 1985. Fred Rompelberg from Maastricht, Netherlands is the current holder of the motor-paced speed world record cycling with 268.831 km/h (166.9 mph) since 1995.

  10. While it may be possible, why? Speed is exhilarating but, it can kill you in a crash. How much protection does your bike provide you? I have done up to 40 mph on my road bike, stability becomes an issue very quickly as the speed increases.

  11. I think yes it was a discipline in track racing in the 20s 30s i have the book around here gimme a sec i get back to you im looking it up! They stopped it because people died

  12. Had a speed wobble doing 45mph down a hill, got a bit of a fright

  13. I did 55 a few times on hills… Never seems too fast.

  14. I've gone 67mph, wouldn't want to go much faster than that personally.

  15. Technically yes

  16. how many watts are you pushing? gees…..

  17. I know people that have gone over 100

  18. A little over 35 on my huge bagged out beach cruiser down hills I experience wobbles an often get nervous

  19. Only in my dreams, and safer there, too 😉 … I've been at 100mph in a car, on a train..that's crazy fast, and those machines are built to handle those speeds. Bikes though?

  20. Grand Tour riders have hit that kind of speed on mountain decents.

  21. 60mph on my road down a hill was absolutely terrifying

  22. I've done 60 mph downhill on a couple of occasions. I doubt I will ever see 100 mph

  23. Done 80 before

  24. My road bike handled it just fine.

    Edit: Thought it said kph 🙂

  25. Possibly if you're going downhill on a mountain

  26. I've actually hit higer speeds on a BMX bike when I raced NBL fastest I hit was like 53 on a DH track the fastest I've gotten on a roadie unless s just above 40. And the track officials were getting mad the the NBL event and told riders if they didn't slow down into the last burn they'd get kicked that day. And a pro ended up getting flight lined he hit the berm so fast he hit it like a jump and smoked a pole and fell onto cinder blocks around the pole punctering his lung

  27. Without drafting behind a car and using a front grear to large to get going without being pulled to start. NO. Not on your own power on a flat area. You need about a 85 tooth 15tooth gear ratio and have something, car, train, big faring to break the wind.

  28. Your bike might explode don't try unless your willing to die or have major injuries

  29. There was a GCN clip somewhere asking pro cyclist what was the fastest they've ever gone. Several said about 120-130km/hr downhill in the Swiss alps

  30. If your drafting the forces on bike aint ad bid i don't think msy be im wrong going down hill to hit that speed would put more force on bike then it was intended to have

  31. John Howard set a speed record on a bicycle in 1985 of 152 mph.

  32. Please don't try this. If you do it, please record it on go pro.

  33. John Howard, Olympic cyclist and Ironman triathlon winner, reset the record to 244 km/h (152 mph)

  34. No it's not possible mostly people go 60 mph on a hill decent

  35. Never seen it yet

  36. The land speed record is over 166.9 mph motor paced.

  37. do you need bike speed cadence sensor?

  38. On top of my car yeah,

  39. I have hit 50.4 as a single rider, and 64 mph fully loaded touring tandem at about 400 lbs of riders and gear. I think I could go faster on the tandem down hill, but not with my wife, after the 64 she got off the bike shaking uncontrollably refusing to ride any more and walked to the closest hotel, I wanted to camp but she wasn't in the mood.

  40. I hit 50 going down a mountain pulling a trailer with two duffles and a surf board tied down on top….that was a little crazy.

  41. "bike" is a very broadly used term. There are "bikes" that I wouldn't go 40 mph on. There are lots of factors to consider – frame, fork, seatpost, stem, handlebar, road surface, etc. It only takes 1 part failure to ruin your day.

  42. I got up to 16mph last week…

  43. wind resistance is the biggest problem. 65 mph is my max. its hard to find a hill steep and long enough. remember you have to stop too.

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