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Hey everyone. I just purchased a 2018 XMR Defender. I have 600 kms on it now and find that the ride is harsh on big and small bumps at all speeds. My question is, to those of you that have gone from the stock Cryptids to a 30″ radial such as a Maxxis Carnivore for example, did it greatly improve the ride? Anyone running Elka shocks on their Defenders? Thanks in advance for any info.

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  1. Shocks won’t improve the ride, radial tires will. Cryptids ride awful. I’m running 34′ ultracross on my XTCab now, buttery smooth. Awesome by comparison. Smoother than the stock 27′ bighorns in the rough stuff and everywhere.

  2. Tires definitely help the 7mph rattle

  3. Put carnivores on mine and I absolutely love them. Extremely smooth and quite compared to stock and the ITP blackwaters I had on my other defender. Loved the ITP’s but rough as hell on hard pack. You will be very happy if you go with the carnivores.

  4. Off subject Jeff Teal but how bad does your windshield vibrate?

  5. I went from cryptids to 31 original outlaws. Big difference in the ride on trails.

  6. to the guy who said shocks won’t help ride. Get a hold of yourself. I put Elkas on mine because the stock ride was garbage. It’s the best thing I’ve done to it. We now hit the trails at full speed. I got a lift from my shocks so I took out my sway bars. It does have a bit of sway in the corners on hard roads going fast but nothing major.

  7. The ride was much smoother for me with the carnivores

  8. Shocks won’t make a difference lmfao different shocks will change everything

  9. 2200.00 shocks better make a damn difference lol!!

  10. My stock rides like a cadillac

  11. Ride 10 times better

  12. Just an update to anyone who may be interested. I contacted Elka’s customer service directly and they told me that they currently have stage 3 shocks available for the Defender XMR!

  13. EFX Motovators. 100u0025 better ride.

  14. Did some ditch digging today, snow melting, lots of clay, these big smoothies did better than I thought. Good thing for the clearance. Lol. Rode great btw. This week an xmr trans goes in. It did rub on the front a bit, had the right front and rear left in the air articulating in a few spots, but worked great. Love these defenders.

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