E-Bike insurance in UK?


Hello, Where is the best E Bike insurance in UK? Thanks for the help.

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  1. Pedalcover Insurance

  2. I'm with pedal cover to

  3. I searched for some insurance for our bikes and it came out more expensive than both my motor bike and car together!!!!!!

  4. I've had a few quotes from various companies and the money they want was more than insuring my 2 cars! Crazy!

  5. I've got my both bikes in Pedalsure.

  6. Why don't people put them on their house insurance?

  7. put both mine and wife's specialized on house insurance £110 extra but did have to start a new policy with same company

  8. Add it to your house insurance and make sure it's covered away from home. It will almost certainly work out cheaper.

  9. Pedalcover- be careful with home insurance as their limit outside the home is usually suspect & stolen out your car/van typically has a very low maximum (£1000)

  10. Does the home insurance, cover stolen away from home and 3rd party. Mine didn't, be careful.

  11. I use pedal sure

  12. If there's a excess is there a point.

  13. My excess is 250 for £18 a month covers damage stolen etc etc

  14. A £300 excess on 4.5k bike isn't too bad.

  15. Put mine on the house insurance.

  16. Got house insurance through ‘pedal sure' it was much much cheaper than regular house insurance once you start adding eBikes.

  17. Be sure to check out the discount code offered to eBike Smile members by two very different bike specialist insurers (Y) 😀 Details in this document in our Files tab 😉 https://www.facebook.com/notes/ebike-smile-emtb-community/insurance-discount-for-ebike-smile-members/2045453635775457/

  18. A flaming fortune I've just done mine at £24 / month

  19. Added mine to my house insurance as additional items

  20. Are you sure it's covered for it's full replacement value because mine said a maximum of 2500 and only 1000 if it was an Ebike

  21. i've got cycle plan total full cover

  22. Hi everyone, I work in the insurance industry and deal with all sides of it, I also ride, race and have a ebike too

    I can help with insurance and also insuring your bikes , I can you you discount with pedalsure and pedalcover so couple of options on how to insure your ebikes
    Hope that helps, contact me anytime for further info – cheers

  23. Mine is with pedalsure

  24. If anyone is interested please message me on here or email me @

  25. Thanks for the responses everyone

  26. Hey Helen Gaskell! Long time…… Will message you for a quote x

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