Anyone have any front light recommendations for my bicycle?


Anyone have any front light recommendations? I was running the cygolite metro 400, but it is not holding a charge anymore. I’m thinking about going brighter on the new one.

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  1. I've ran the Cateye Volt 700 for a long while, and recently (about 6 months ago) moved over to the Surfas True 950. It puts out plenty of light, has some great flash patterns for daytime running, and the beam pattern is very smooth without much washout.

  2. Bontrager Ion700 and Ion800 are pretty darn good lights. Well constructed, the mount works very well, they're solidly built and bright. I've been using them for a few years now, really like the value

  3. Handlebar flashlight bracket–l.b.s. can order them–then one can use any storebought high output light–if it ever goes bad–simply "pop" a new flashlight into the existing bracket!

  4. Lezyne 1500xxl. Super bright if you need it – lots of lower settings if you don't. Mine has been brilliant.

  5. NiteRider Technical Lighting 750 pretty solid as well.

  6. Light and motion urban 800

  7. Following………

  8. nightrider 950. lots of modes, very bright.

  9. I've had many lights but my Niterider Lumina 950 boost and 750 micro are by far my favs. Tons of light for long rides and seem super durable so far.

  10. still use my cygolite pace 135 and expilion 250…..both hold charges and still work fine

  11. Looking at a L&M Taz 1200

  12. My daily use light is NiteRider Technical Lighting Lumina 750. Love it! Flash mode is bright enough for daylight use and, on low steady, it is hard to over ride, even in full dark. Full power will get you back to civilization from real off road conditions, too.

  13. Bontrager ion 800…holds a charge and you can see it from space

  14. Bontrager ion lights are really well constructed have solid mounts that perform well and best of all is the warrentee…1 year guarantee, no questions asked. I had gunked up the USB charging port and couldn't charge it. Bontrager replaced without hesitation.

  15. One more vote for the Bontrager Ion

  16. I use the cygolite 850 and recharge every 3 days.

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