North Rim of the Grand Canyon Review


North Rim of the Grand Canyon Review. Do not go after the 15th of October. The services are all closed, including the gas station, the store and the Lodge and restaurant. I love the North Rim. You will need to make reservations early, like 6 months in advance if you are going in season. It was cold and windy while I was there and they were burning so the pictures are a bit hazy. I had half a dozen people ask me about the tentcot. I met a nice couple from Venice, CA who ride.

North Rim of the Grand Canyon Review

North Rim of the Grand Canyon Review

North Rim of the Grand Canyon Review

North Rim of the Grand Canyon Review

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  1. Where did you get your tent cot?

  2. What an awesome adventure! I love your tent cot, too. Sometimes going off-season works better because no one is around. I love the pictures.

  3. That must be way way more comfortable than the old fashioned tent

  4. U got picture of tentcot after packed up to see size on bike???

  5. Yep. Everything at the north rim closes early.

  6. i camped up there this time last year too, was damn cold !! … felt great dropping down the elevation the next morning. I woke up to ice al over everything and captured a nice sunrise ­čÖé

  7. I camped at the south rim this week with no reservations. There were services bit not enough for the number of people trying to eat. Did get a hot shower and food so all was good. Crystal clear canyon views early in the am as a reward

  8. Good info Linda so I have a question for you. You suggest making reservations early. Does that mean I shouldn’t just plan on showing up with the Taj and finding a place to camp, there?

  9. there are several different tent cots out there now, pick one you like and go to youtube and look for the name to see if someone has done a demo.

  10. Sam’s Club has one also

  11. I bought a Kamp-rite rent cot, but the one I have folds up square. They have one that folds up like yours, but I bought mine before I got into riding. I don’t have buyers remorse, though I’ll have to convince the wife why I need another one.

  12. Thanks for the review

  13. North rim was closed when I was there last April

  14. The web site says the North is only open May 15 through Oct. 15 because the road closes when it snows, they don’t plow the area. South Rim is open year round.

  15. Thanks for posting this, we have ridden there in spring but not Fall. I like the lack of tourists!

  16. Where ever there is no people i am interested

  17. I LOVE mine !!

  18. So yea, where did the Tent Cot come from ?

  19. Marginal tent on a marginal cot. Heavy, bulky, cheep.


  21. Got a question?? Went to Harbor Freight for prices on a trailer frame..going to make a homemade camper…the bolts had no Grade 5 or 6 or 8 on them just strange marks like T or – on them…what is that for strength???

  22. if there are no radial line markings they are Grade 2, Grade 5 – three radial lines, Grade 8 – 6 radial lines, Grade A325 has A325 stamped on the head.

  23. What kind of shelter is that?

  24. 6 months in advance for reservations? Is that true for tent camping also?

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