Anybody take a C-pap machine with them ?


Anybody take a C-pap machine with them ? If so any ideas of the best way?

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  1. Had one of our people that rode with us took his in a padded travel bag

  2. My Resmed cpap came with a padded travel bag. I put it in a waterproof boat bag that I strap to the passenger seat of the bike. The waterproof bag is big enough to put clothes and other things in it.

  3. Just saw an ad for a nice compact travel C-PAP machine with a battery…

  4. I take just the basic parts, no heated tube or humidifier. Power it with a Jackery 240 power supply.

  5. I figure mine isn’t that big just very little cheap camping with electricity

  6. My buddy does. He uses solar panel charger to keep
    Them up to

  7. Not on the motorcycle. I do have a 12v connection for boondocking in my travel trailer.

  8. 12 lb, 12volt, 22ah deep cycle battery wired to cig lighter plug. Cpap company supplied cig lighter plug in. Throw it in the trunk every 4th or 5th day and top it off. Less than $100.00

  9. Watched a youtube video the other night about this, a gent carried a motor cycle battery, a small charger from wally world and a cigarette lighter plug for battery to cpap connection, said he got 2 full nights sleep then had to recharge, Ill post a link if I can find it.

  10. they make rechargeable portable battery packs, that will give you 3 nights on a charge. check with your cpap supplier. Had mine for a couple yrs now and no problems

  11. I moto camp and hotel on my 1200gs. I bought a portable Z2 CPAP and run it off a Poweradd 32000. I’m able to run off A/C or charge off the bike with 2 nights on that battery. It all fits in a padded lunchbox for transport.

  12. There should be a posted document on this page about CPAP. It’s a common question.

  13. I come to this page perhaps twice per week, and I’ve seen this question at least 5 times the past couple of weeks. Use the search function and you will find a lot about this topic.

  14. Might be time for admins to make a pinned post.

  15. Does it really bother some of you that bad to see something that’s been asked before? Or is more of the idea that you have really nothing of any value to add to the conversation?

  16. Just make a FAQ post and suggest people search the subject first.

  17. there are lithium batteries that can run that all night. to charge from the bike you need an adapter

  18. wife uses one inverter works best.

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