Mitas e07 for BMW R1200GS LC?


hello friends, does anyone know if there are the Mitas e07 for BMW R1200GS LC?ow mud) and for the rear is to run more km as I have never been able to run more than 3000 km on the TKC80 on the rear. (This follows my previous question, with thanks for your contributions.)

Mitas e07 for BMW R1200GS LC?

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Answers ( No )

  1. just get the Heidenau k60 scouts

  2. Mitas 07 are better on gravel and in rain and half the price of k60 but they not last as long, I had both. There are Mitas E07 Dakar
    110/80-19 TL 59T and 150/70-17 TL 69T. Not sure if its wide enough for the back on a R1200GS LC. I have a f800gsa and I love them on my bike.

  3. Leandro Bellani to answer your question: no! the E-07, E-09 and E-10 are only made up a width of 150, but i think you will need 170 for a 1200GSA

    Heidenau K60 would be an option for you

  4. one more thing about the K60: the tyre will not last nearly as long in 170 as it does in 150 since the tread depth on the 170 is only avout 60u0025 (i think is was 7,5 mm vs. 11mm) of what the 150 has, please keep that in mind.

  5. Still nothing. I hear it’s in the works but they are slow to bring it out.

  6. This spring they will come out. K60 is no so good for the LC. The frontwheel is very noisy between 60 and 90km/h. At the moment i have the Karoo 3, it’s much better.

  7. Go to the Mitas webpage and look it up … ud83dude40

  8. I have this on my 650gs and TOP, TOP CHOICE

  9. The best, because of the price (-:

  10. I like it on the rear, but I think it’s to noice in front….

  11. – noisy at front , + good on gravel and in weet

  12. I spoke with the UK distributor this week and non for the LC yet. I’ve got some on my GSA and I much prefer them to the K60’s so far. I bit more secure on wet and muddy roads and quieter at speed. I’ll be using them on my next Alaska trip in July so lets see how they cope with the Dalton Highway. The K60’s have always been good on there but I’m hoping the E07’s will be a better tyre over all and do the 13,000km trip.

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