Michelin Commander II Vibration Problem


Good morning guys after looking at reviews on tires I bought commander 2s because mileage is really good judging by other People my guestion is does anyone else thing that they ride rough or is it just me? I have a13 ultra limited and just seems different and at 70-80 mph they seem to vibrate a lot! Any feed back would be appreciated thanks

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  1. Sounds like a balance issue.

  2. I’m about to buy a set soon . I’ve had them before and really liked them. Not ALL tires are identical and you may have gotten an unbalance tire…? I’d go back and have them balanced again.

  3. I had them on my UC. They were ok, but found the slipped a lot in wet conditions. Also a single compound tire. Hard tire. Went to Dunlop elites and won’t go back to the commanders. Traction is more important than squeezing a couple more miles out of a tire. I get 18-20K miles from the elites.

  4. I had a set. I went back to H-D Dunlop. I did not like the ride on the commander. My personal opinion.

  5. The commander is better if you have a high torque bike my father in law runs them and gets about 17,000 out of the rear with a 120R motor. They don’t stick in the rain because it is a hard tire. I noticed no riding difference in the two other than that.

  6. Got them on my Ultra. To me they are smoother and I don’t feel the normal road items as much

  7. Agreed. they’re not the best in the rain, but the overall performance and life is worth it for me. i’m on my third set now and average about 15k miles out of them and i ride hard.

  8. There’s either something wrong with the install of the rims into the bike or they’re not balanced properly

  9. I run Commander 2’s on my 13 Ultra. Way better than the dunlops in all conditions. You need to put a couple more lbs pressure than normal. Loaded i run 42 rear and 38 front. Smooth and great handling – 10000km so far. I reckon I’ll get 25-30(12-18000 miles)

  10. Mine are smooth 2nd set I’ll never go back

  11. 08 ultra no problems, other than watch a little in the rain

  12. Just go Darkside and be done with it….. There’s a Hornets poked…..

  13. What is the DARKSIDE ?

  14. Ya, they use “darkside” like it’s a mysterious secret super power instrument instead of saying go buy a car tire and risk death.

  15. Use RIDE ON. to balance tire

  16. I’m on my third set for a reason , good ride and mileage. I’ve also upgraded shocks and wheel bearings and neck bearings. ( 60,000) miles

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