ZX7R Temperature Problem


Could there be an issue with my bike??? So before my 07 zx6r Would never go past 218 degrees and now (after not using it for 2weeks) i goes up to 235. Anything i should look out for??

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  1. Does the fan come on? Full on coolant? Any leaks?

  2. No leaks noticed, fan does turn on but like at 225ish use to turn on at 215 exactly

  3. Check your coolant level that could do it

  4. Make sure there’s no air in the system. An air pocket can cause all kinds of bullshit. If you’re still running corn that it came with from the factory, change that and look into changing your thermostat. Add some liquid ice and along with that service. I had the same issue with my 2004 but flush out the system, add a new coolant along with liquid ice, and I haven’t seen it get past 225 yet on the hottest day.

  5. My bike started doing this because of a bad eBay radiator. It would run at 210 plus on open highway and shoot to 230 at stop lights fast as hell. But it sounds like your fan is coming on late. Have you tested the temp sensor out?

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