Progressive Fork Tube Spring Kit


Question to those that have installed Progressive fork tube spring kit, my FLHTK calls for part #31-2500 kit. Is it worth the $359.00 ? What fluid did you guys use? I wont be installing them so I have another 3 hours of dealer wages and seals. I am running Progressive rear shocks now.

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Answers ( 5 )

  1. Ordering the same monotubes. Was wondering the same thing.

  2. I bought burly lowering springs for the front and coil over for the rear all together about 271.00

  3. From what I understand. With the monotube you dont need the air in your forks. Makes the seals last a lot longer.

  4. So, the benefits are supposed to be less diving while braking and smoother absorption of bumps? Any actually using them and have experience to report?

  5. Put the gas charged progressive in my 05 EG last winter. No more air, or oil dampening. About 4oz oil just for lubrication. Handles awesome. Never looked back. Worth the price IMHO


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