Looking for some input on easy pull clutch


Looking for some input on easy pull clutch. My hand can’t take long term riding. Any suggestions on levers? Riding a KTM 300XC.

Lane Hollar:

There is a guy is Australia…that makes a easy pull….I think it’s called Clake…or something close. I’ve read great things about it.

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  1. I broke my arm last year, 10″ steel plate w, 18 screws in my arm. Hand is still weak. Trying to get back to full strength.

  2. I was gonna say something about the easy pull on the 300 but thought I might get chastised for being ‘mean’. Midwest lever does help some.

  3. Rekluse. I’m a dealer. Pm if you need a deal

  4. Maybe there’s something wrong with the clutch seriously

  5. Brian D Bland might be right. Does anyone think the smoker clutches are super easy??

  6. Buy yourself one of these mate, works like a treat

  7. Try a non hydro clutch then you’ll be like ok the hydro is nice lol

  8. Dang and you guys give me grief. Obviously that cable luber is not needed.

  9. Ditch a set of springs from the clutch.

  10. And you can pull a spring or two out of clutch pack. Or space out all of the bolts holding the springs in, by half a mm at a time

  11. Only has one bevel spring folks

  12. You have a KTM clutch and it’s hard to pull??? Better get that thing flushed and New oil!!

  13. Looks like 600$ rekluse or 80$ midwest lever. Or deal with it

  14. Also remember that you don’t get easier pull for nothing. What you gain in leverage you lose in throw. As clutch plates warp you can’t pull the pressure plate as far with a high leverage lever.

  15. Pull the xyz ring on top of the belleville spring and set it to x.

  16. A rekluse wont make the pull lighter, heavier actually, you just don’t need to pull it at all, though I do

  17. There is a guy is Australia…that makes a easy pull….I think it’s called Clake…or something close. I’ve read great things about it.

  18. These bars will help cushion up your hands.

  19. So will odi rogue grips.

  20. Flush the fluid and go buy the stock belville spring, you may have the heavy spring…..

  21. Rekluse and Midwest

  22. Rekluse for the win

  23. Midwest Mountaineering

  24. Mid west ^^^*

  25. Midwest makes a lever

  26. Get a Rekluse…

  27. Midwest Mountain Engineering- no question

  28. So I assume other guys had trouble too and bought this Midwest lever?

  29. If your 300 is like my 02′ 400 I have(had) 6 clutch springs. I removed two opposing springs and it helped tremendously.

  30. Recluse Full Auto Clutch.

  31. H&R Powersports is a dealer for rekluse

  32. Love me some Midwest Levers!

  33. The lightest you could go would be the Clake OneLight Clutch. Awesome unit although be prepared for a wait as they do get pretty overwhelmed with orders. You can adjust it position wise as well as how light you would like to to be. Can be a little touchy to first set up so just follow the instructions.

    If you don’t want to spend that much you could go for a midwest lever which gives you a different position and allows for a lighter feel although your index finger will need to reach a little further for the lever. Not a bad option as well.

    I personally wouldn’t recommend a recluse. Plenty of people ghost their bikes down hills as they wont stall out and lock the wheel when you come to a stop. One final thing you could try is adjusting the screws on the clutch plate. Not too informed on this one but they allow for 3 different settings and you can put more or less pressure on the plates to give a lighter or heavier feel. I saw it posted up by one of the Kiwi Enduro riders Christ Birch’s facebook page.

  34. You pussys, try riding a Maico from the 70s or 80s. \nAlso don’t even try to start it without boots on!!

  35. Get a Rekluse clutch

  36. I guess you probably glad you don’t have a cable operated clutch, once I purchased my 99 KTM with hydraulic, I wasn’t completely happy with other brands, even though I owned 450 Honda for years, the Showa and the 450 power made up for it

  37. Don’t use it

  38. I have rekluse n can pull lever in with my pinky! I thought clutch slave was full of air but it releases 3/4 out on lever….rekluse ftw.

  39. First off, look on the bottom of the master cylinder and tell us what the number is… 9.0, 9.5, 10.0, etc the higher the number the harder the pull and the more fluid it pushes on the stroke.

  40. Asking for a friend.

  41. Mountain Engineering changes the pivot point on the clutch to make it up to 50% easier

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