Bike is not having any spark


Alright hopefully someone can help me out I have just cleaned my carb out had a clogged jet put it back together and now not having any spark. Had spark before I cleaned the carb anyone have any suggestions on what could be wrong I’ve checked the wiring harness under the tank and nothing looks damaged or disconnected.. Any help would be appreciated bike is a 06 ktm 560 smr factory supermoto

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  1. Pull the tank and check all your connections. Prob pulled something loose.

  2. Also look at kill switch wire, make sure not pinched/grounded

  3. Thanks everyone for the advice I have tried all of your suggestions and still no luck yet

  4. Turn the key on! :p

  5. Lol I wish I had a key and electric start

  6. Disconnect the kill switch, but check the HT lead for a spark remove the cap just in case it’s a crap connection and you’ve disturbed it ,,and the connection to the cdi pack ?

  7. Sorry check the connection to the cdi ?

  8. I’ve tried that as well still didn’t want to fire up I’ve checked all connections and no visual issues with wires so I’m not sure what to do besides take it to dealer and have them get into it I’m very minimal experience with these bikes just bought it about six months ago and its been sitting for a month now cleaned the carb two weeks ago had a clogged jet and now no spark lol

  9. Sorry if dumb questions, but not obvious. Did you take the plug out and laid against the head to verify no spark? Long shot, but did you try a new plug? (One of my electrical engineer buddies says get a bigger hammer…[thanks])

  10. Haha yes I did test to see if the plug would spark and also a new plug as well

  11. Dam. As all was fine before you removed/installed the carb, I’d have to guess the Coil to Plug wire was weak and got damaged. Sounds like a bench test of coil/plug wire?

  12. Good idea I’ll have to test that out I’ve been looking at it everyday when I come home sad to see it sit

  13. You’ll figure it out. Failure is not an option!

  14. Or, now that I think about it, you should give up bikes, take up coin collecting, and SELL ME YOUR SM WHEELS CHEEP. No? 😇

  15. Haha the bike will be for sale in a few months after I’ve had my fun with it only had it six months and barely got to ride before the issues started

  16. That 560 is sweet. Gotta fix it. Not sure, but assume it’s basically a 525 with KTM’s stroker crank? I ran a 525 with a welded/balanced stroker crank (made 560cc), punched out to a 610cc with a custom 15.5 compression ratio piston and oxygenated race gas [for altitude]) for a few years at Pike’s Peak. It was an absolute brute, and the most fun bike I ever owned. Should have kept it…

  17. That’s awesome and my bike was made only 2006-07 factory 560 smr I’ve had a few people think it is a 525

  18. They only produced the stroker crank for a couple of years and only for the RFS motors. It was done for the KTM Factory SuperMoto Race Team. The RFS was a torque monster to start, and the stroker just put it on steroids.

  19. Sounds like the carb is jacked it’s hard to see the spark kicking it over with your hand make sure your getting fuel first my friend

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