2015 KTM 85 SX


Workin on my son’s 2015 85sx,we ride woods,i put a flywheel weight on to smooth out the power band and help it lug better,both were accomplished,it has an fmf turbine core II silencer,carb settings are all stk and running a 118 main at 1000 ft,the bike seems sluggish on bottom,i know the weight is playing a factor,am i taking the wrong approach,ideas or suggestions ?

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  1. Drop a tooth on the front sprocket. If that’s not enough go up one or two in the rear.

  2. Jetting… Jetting

  3. Top end fresh? Good compression?

  4. Um, isn’t making it sluggish on the bottom what the weight is supposed to do?

  5. That’s a sharp looking bike. Good dad.

  6. Not sure about an 80cc jetting but 118 main sound lean. Jetting can make all the difference. If not sure buy a JD kit and play with the settings.

  7. Flywheel weight is a good thing. Jet it by the book. Head mod,thinner base gasket, *Light porting. Ultimately you want a 105 kit.

  8. I’ve found in my wise old age, get the bike running right and ride it. That bike will do things most adults can’t handle. YouTube Herlings on a 85.

  9. What needle are you using? N5HG? If it’s a bit of a slug at bottom end, perhaps a leaner needle? N5HH?. \n\nOn our 105SX and SX, we’re running 40/115 pilot and main with N5HG needle at the top clip, 40:1 Motul 800, and most of the same pipe and silencer stuff you’re talking. They scream but do damned well for trail riding and lugging. However, hill climbs are still a challenge from a stop.

  10. Call phil patton at fivestar in seagertown pa.

  11. Finally got a 115 main jet put in it and tightened the power valve nut about an 1/8 of a turn and that lit a fire under it’s ass ! Thanks for everyone’s suggestions and opinions !

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