Led directional question 2014 Fat Boy


Led directional question- 2014 fatboy

I got some joker machine led turn signals for the rear- i said i may need flashers, i got some from them, but have no idea where they would go-

They have a clip style plug in, hopefully theyre the correct style?

is there something on the bike when i remove the seat that will explain wtf? Or am am i Just splicing in the black and purple to whats there?

These are them-

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  1. Instructions didn’t help

  2. There customer service should,be able to helpas well

  3. No instructions

  4. Hmm… i never put a a load equalizer on mine

  5. If you have a stealership near you , you should be able to go ask a tech also

  6. I was wondering if i needed to bother- i bought them just incase so i wasnt waiting if i did need

  7. Type in on youtube: install load equalizer harley..there are a few video’s with different bikes..hope it helps

  8. I was on youtube last night, nothing. I was looking a custom dynamics website, from what they have listed, my year softtail doesnt require one- im gonna contact them monday and see if i can get some help thru them

  9. This device wont work since the led module is 5v.\nThe ECU will shows error….

  10. Anyone wondering the answer- straight from crystal dynamics

    On the ’14 Fat Boy no additional parts would be required for the LED conversion however, I’ve attached instructions for a BCM Sync which may be necessary to perform if you see a quick flash on your indicator/dashboard upon converting the turn signals to LED. The sync is quite easy and simply involves running your hazard lights for 1-2 minutes

  11. Depends on the which country you’re talking about as well. Most of the “fixes” don’t work on a FBL in Canada as we have a different BCM due to the center brake light requirements.

  12. I have a similar load equalizer on mine Derek. I have the plugs like shown in your picture but only because I’m running a bad dad fender with the aftermarket wiring harness.

  13. Yea i wasnt sure so i grabbed them anyway- i was able to straight splice wire to wire, for the rear. And the colors even matched up. Waiting in the fronts (friday arrive). And finishing up the bars and i will be able to test them.

  14. I did convert my 2011 fatboy to led turn signal rear n front and its working well.\nFor rear turn signal the ecu need to touch up on e programme….

    2011 fatboy led

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