2017 Duke 390 Issues


Posting some issue we are facing in india in 2017 duke 390. Please comment if u guys r also facing the same.

1. Headgasket leak ::

First thing in just a week after purchase with proper run-in and about 1000kms on board was a head gasket leak (image attached), which was reported to Mayank (your service manager-mumbai). He solved my issue in a week or so. I was like wow, thats fast, good service.

But seriously? Head gasket leak in first 1000kms with proper riding?? Duke 390 released since its first launch had this issue. Why KTM didn’t address this issue before releasing the 2017 model? Why sell if you haven’t fixed the issue?

2. Oil leaking from oil Cover::

Each and everyone marked in this mail have had this issue (except for KTM R&D engineers ?)and its persistent. Images attached for your reference. Over several months now we have understood that KTM is incapable of addressing this issue. People at service centre just change the O-rings of the cover and it hasn’t helped most of us.

People here have used bikes from other manufacturers like Yamaha, Honda, Kawasaki but never faced such issues at all.

What is the solution for this? Or its like we are on our own?

3. Auto RPM rise at idle ::

When the engine is idling, suddenly the RPM increases beyond 4k rpm without any human input. When will we get a solution? I hope it doesn’t come while the bike is in motion, or R.I.P….. This is a safety issue and has be let open by KTM failing to follow norms.

4. Time on TFT runs in future ::

When we set the time, the time on TFT gets set exactly to what we set it to be. But after few days without any tampering, the clock runs 15-20mins ahead. Is it some kind of feature?? Wow, amazing. Whats the solution??

5. Water seepage in TFT ::

Whatever you call it moisture or condensation, we have found water seeping inside the TFT consoles. We are still waiting for a replacement of TFTs but no one from service centres is interested in honoring the warranty clause.

What happens after 2 years when the warrranty gets expired?? We should shell out 20k for a display?? Good business strategy KTM, to keep on extracting money from the users. Amen to that.

We need the TFTs to be replaced.

6. Headlamp vibration noise issue ::

A big laugh at the KTM service people for this. Inserting a local spring in the headlamp is byfar the most thoughtful invention that KTM service guys have managed to achieve. Kudos to your team, but wait….. The vibration noise still persists and they have no answer as to why this issue cant be solved.

KTM engineers (Mech guys) are you listening?

7. Heating ::

Yayyyy !! Would like to have a Human leg tandoori??? The most loved thing about KTMs Duke 390. What are the designers at KTM even thinking or it must be that they arent even thinking.

You have provided a small fan which just isn’t capable of taking away the heat from the engine efficiently. Now we have been told that the 2018 Duke 390 models have a better fan and better thermal management.

Now that you have fixed it on 2018 models, why not do it as a recall on 2017 models too?

You have also added a small addon piece on the left side near the exhaust pipe on the new 2018 models to keep the riders leg from getting fried, then why not give us the same modifications as a recall?

Well ofcourse KTM needs to learn from the competition that, it needs b#### to do a recall.

8. Rainbow color/Ghosting on TFT ::

Sigh !!! after 8 months your software team finally managed to fix this issue by a software update. No we are not negative all the time. But if the CONS supersede the PROS, then whats the FUN in getting a 2.6L worth bike.

Still many owners haven’t got the updates, coz there is no email communication neither call from KTM SVCs to get the software updated.

9. Chain and Chain sprocket ::

PATHETIC QUALITY !! The only remark that describes KTM DUKE 390/250 chain sprocket set.

7000Kms, Chain clean and lube using Motul every 500kms, no wheelies, no rash riding, and BOOM, the chain and sprocket are doomed.

KTM service guys as they say “Change it, its for Rs.3000 only” …

Why cant you use a sprocket and chain set that costs Rs.4000 and works for 25000 kms? Rs.3000 every 7K kms is really extraordinary in its own rights.

No other manufacturer has such pathetic quality. We strongly condemn this. We need a proper resolution for this.

10. Screeching sound from brake pads ::

Now this is amazing. My bike had done 3k kms on ODO and I complained about the screeching sound from front brakes. And guess what, a patented answer came flying to me “Pads must be gone, need to change it”. Seriously?? 3k kms and such rubbish assessment of the issue? My bike has done 7k kms now and brakepads are still OK. Then why give wrong judgments?

Owners who do not have any understanding of a bikes mechanicals will eventually fall prey to this money extracting act by your Service team which in itself is a very bad practice.

11. Indicators start automatically during Monsoon ::

Hmm. Yeah.. We know, its a safety feature right ?

How can the indicators start automatically while riding in monsoon?

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