My question is, does this hardware go with it?


Quick question, my lo came with a windshield I took it off and plan to sell it. My question is, does this hardware go with it? Do I need to find new bolts ? I just wanna make sure the buyer has everything they need. Thanks in advance
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  1. Yep, it’s easy and this will prevent the customer from ordering the parts too

  2. Hey thanks! Are these particular bolts I can get from Harley? \n\n(Sorry came from sport bikes lol) I won’t half ass anything on this bike.

  3. I bought replacement bolts at hardware store when I took my screen off..usually can find in chrome or black…take one out and take with you to match up

  4. Thank you sir! That’s what I needed to know. Thanks guys for your help.

  5. Leave the hardware there and keep the windshield especially seeing how it’s quick disconnect. You’ll love it on longer trips and when there’s a chill in the air !!!

  6. Do you already have a buyer for the windshield?

  7. keep it you need this 😉

  8. Keep it on long trips the wind causes alot of fatigue it will make it easier to ride long trips and if u want a quick release fairing u can use the hardware

  9. Its quick disconnect.keep it.

  10. I considered a fairing later down the road maybe for longer trips do the fairings use this hardware ?

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