Iron 883 stalls on down shifts


Question to the mechanically inclined:

The Problem:
The bike stalls on down shifts. The rpm seems to dip too low when downshifting where I need to throttle it to raise the rpm (while holding the clutch down) so the engine wouldn’t die on me.

The Bike:
2011 Iron 883
FP3 installed (MAP: Generic 2:2 with high flow air filter)
VH Big Sucker
Bassani Sweeper Exhaust
Installed a DK Custom external breather to the air filter

Q: Can the external breather cause this problem by having too much air? Simple logic tell me that it shouldn’t cause it just an exhaust/breather and shouldn’t play a role in the air/fuel mix. Am I wrong to think this? Serious help and advice is greatly appreciated.

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Answers ( 3 )


    sounds like the tune isnt right


    No it wouldn’t because I have one as well. I had issues with my FP3 running auto tune. my bike would just run like shit and backfire like crazy. Try re uploading the map. Rpm shouldn’t go under 1k at operating temp


    Just to check basics first i hope like tune issues….if still problem persists check for……fuel…..throttle body…injectors…spark plug …. Spark plug wires…O2 sensors ….

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