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  1. Nope. unless you want to race it.

  2. No. But it is the biggest engine I’ve ever had in a bike.

  3. No. I use it for transportation and some pleasure riding. No need for it to go any faster.

  4. Yeah, but mine is still stock.

  5. Nop.\nStage 1 modifications puts the power in the right dimmension however

  6. No, I would have bought a more powerful one if I wanted one.

  7. Low pick up…

  8. No.I don’t need more power.

  9. Mine is stock, and yes, sometimes i feel it is underpower.

  10. When i first got the bike I thought it was plenty. I added a new exhaust and tuner and was really happy with the little boost I got. Now that I’ve been doing a 200 mile round trip commute to work 3 days a week I can say I wouldn’t mind dropping a 1200 kit in.

  11. Yes. But I had a ninja 1000 before this and got into way too much trouble with it. So it’s okay lol

  12. Slowest bike I have owned in years but no not at normal road speeds

  13. Feels great all around, can feel passenger back there but respect it for the size at 883, our 1200 is a big jump but the 883 has a more smooth approach to gear shifts at lower rpms and range of rpms per gear, the 1200 likes more rpm to achieve same smooth operation. The 1200 will pull much harder but we ride mild so love em both, stock bikes here.

  14. I used to think mine was underpowered… now it almost scares the shit out of me..

  15. Reason I bought it over a bigger bike, keeps me out of trouble lol

  16. alreday do a stage 2, with a 1200 screaming eagle performance parts, it’s day and night !!! So powerfull now !!!!!

  17. Not at all, if you are looking for power and speed the 883 is not your ride

  18. I have the the 1200 kit and stage 2 carb/exhaust. Love it! Runs with dyna’s all day, never gets left behind

  19. Not for what it is. If you want a more powerful bike get a bigger one

  20. 883 is too slow for me, but I’ve been spoiled by decades of much higher performance.

  21. Enjoy the ride, not the speed.

  22. No and No need.

  23. With sensible cheap mods they go OK; airbox opened up, careful jetting, SE slip ons or a good performance exhaust like supertrapp XR style, non-o ring chain conversion, lighter weight wheels and tires, strip off any unnecessary weight and a lighter weight rider. Remember the old 883 flat track and road racing series! And pick your battles, short little drag races where the jap bikes that Rev 3000rpm higher can’t pull away. Its a Harley, enjoy it for what it is and dont ruin it trying to make it what it aibt ever gonna be without mega bucks

  24. I got 1200 conversion and love the power.

  25. At the moment I’m comfortable with it but open to doing the 1200 conversation one day.

  26. If you ean under powered, I say no!

  27. Solo rider, top out at 70. Fine as is. Save $$ on tires, gas and lose less $$ when selling. To each his/her own.

  28. yeah often. Its because it is.. Its not fun riding on the freeway.. But its great fun driving on small curvey countryside roads… And thats what you should use it for.

  29. I just love it the way it is

  30. That’s why Sportster came in with 2 different cc..883cc for town and countryside road ride which more for beginners, and the other 1200cc is for long distance travelling and power pack riding for amateurs and professionals riders.

  31. Stop light to stop light city use is good for me!.. I rarely use the freeway so the 883 is perfect … Eventually I want to install a 1200 conversion!..

  32. I went from a 800 Vulcan to an 883 iron and the power difference was eye opening. But I feel it’s got enough power for me but I’m greedy and want more power!

  33. Yes and no. I found 883s perfect as commuters and with adequate power getting up to freeway speeds. The only time I found it lacking was riding with other bikes. \n\n1200s are just flat out fun.

  34. Tim Apostolopoulos have you tried riding the 1200 with other bikes?

  35. I live in the middle of nowhere and mainly travel backroads. My stock 883 has plenty of power to push me around.

    Honestly if I wanted more power then I’d most likely purchase a bigger bike such as a road king or a Victory with 103ci engines.

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