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Good morning everyone: I joined to the page last night, thank you for that, here’s a picture of my 2015 Heritage Softail Classic which I put away since the weather is so nasty and snowy to ride over here. Anyway… I have a few questions and hope I can get some light here, lol.
My questions are about LED brake lights, turning lights and the daylight makers (with running lights), I went to the Harley Davidson dealership and asked them about kits because I was trying to do the job myself and save some money but instead they gave me an estimate for over $1200.00 for LED turn signal lights only and of course they didn’t answer anything.
I’m just looking for a nice set of LED brake and turning signal lights kit. Also I want a nice LED daylight makers kit with running lights but wanted to know if I need any special harness to be connected because they told me a bunch of things at the dealership and I got confused, yup they did that too… anyways I decided that I won’t spent my money there though, lol!

Ok, thanks for reading… I hope someone can give me a hint, thanks!

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  1. Stealership look on ebay, amazon, or just google it the front lights are easy swap, you can get a daymaker for about $200 (be careful of the small screws in the headlight,tail and brake with turn signals again easy cheap swap do the labor yourself

  2. At stealership youll pay 3 times or more what you can buy online

  3. Thank you for the tips, just a question… do I need any special harness to the daylight makers? At the stealership they told me I do since this is a 2015 but once again I think they’re trying to squeeze my pocket

  4. No it will come with the light bulb

  5. I even bought and put on a pulsating brake light,everything is plug and play

  6. Get Custom Dynamics for your turns and breaks….\n\nI did stick with the Daymaker though. I just can’t trust the others. \n\nYou can just install all of them yourself. Plug n play.

  7. You can still buy daymarker online a hell of a lot cheaper dealership said headlight alone $500

  8. Ive seen the sun pie those are nice

  9. I also worked in Red Wing and Zumbro falls mn i stayed in St Paul and drove around Minnesota area around Rochester My grandmother lived in Minnesota Lake, area around Wells ,Blue Earth,Mankato

  10. Custom dynamic

  11. Revzilla.com has it for $59.99 made by custom dynamic

  12. Plug and play i suggest getting the LED brake light

  13. Back that up get the kuryakyn one this one works with brake and turn signals this is the one i had

  14. Add LED Brake and turn signal lights ,swith the amber rear signal lens to red

  15. The kuryakyn will pulsate the brake and high light the turn signals

  16. I would stay 1000 miles away from kuryakyn….. They really suck….

  17. Only the pulsate other than that so do i

  18. Kuryakyn is the same pulsate i had on my bike

  19. OK, I’m checking on Amazon and Custom Dynamics but I’m still going to see Kuryakyn since you recommended their brake lights

  20. Just the pulsate from kuryakyn not the light

  21. OK, so is not a kit itself?

  22. All lights. Custom dynamic\nKuryakyn is just the pulsate only

  23. Thanks for the warning Michael! I don’t want to buy something worthless for my baby!

  24. Everything is plug and play

  25. I didn’t get that right the first time

  26. No problem, i had kuryakyn hwy pegs the stupid thing fell apart before the one year warranty was off I called Kuryakyn they wanted me to pay for a faulty part

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