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Looking to convert Incandescent turn signals to LED how do I stop Hyperflash

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  1. I think the best way is to use a flasher relay for LEDs, otherwise , resistors are what I think you’ll need, but then you loose the benefit of the lower amperage draw.

    • But you’re only drawing current while they’re flashing.

    • Gregory, the thing about led’s is that yes they only use little power, but the bike is designed to send more power than they use, which is what causes the hyper flash, when you put the resistor in it dumps the unused power, so you aren’t really saving any power by using them like you are on AC at your house.

    • That isn’t why they flash quickly. The flasher module doesn’t get enough current draw from an LED bulb, so it flashes fast to warn of a bulb burned out, which is no current draw. And a circuit designed to deliver say 10 amps does not have to have a 10 amp draw. You don’t need to dump the unused current.

  2. They have what are called error free or can-bus led bulbs. Use those, it does away with the need to put an inline resistor.

  3. On what bike?

  4. On thing about replacing the flasher relay is you might lose auto-cancel if you have it. I used resistors to shunt current to ground. See

  5. That is what you need… When you hook that up it covers the entire bike and it doesn’t effect the auto cancel at all…….
    I have leds in every light and I’m good as gold…..

  6. No problem my brutha…. Anytime… Ride safe

  7. IMO I like them flashing faster. Catches attention better than the normal speed flash. Catches the eye.

  8. Read the entire description for my video. All the info is there for a vn900 application. Along to with part #’s

  9. There is a flasher relay that you can buy designed to stop the rapid flash.
    This way you don’t have to use the load resistors which actually reverses the power consumption benefit of LED lights. And those resistors make a lot of heat too.
    This is what I searched for in eBay and got a lot of results… kawasaki vulcan led turn signal relay Then you click on an ad and give them more information on your bike and it will tell you if it will fit.

  10. Keep the hyperflash. Gets drivers attention.

  11. I never could understand why it bothers people so much that switching to LEDs causes a slightly faster Flash I switch them and just left it as is if anything like Derek mention it catches the attention of people more than not.

  12. Might cause other malfunctions down the road though do some research on it. I agree if it hyper flashers catches attention but it could cause other detrimental problems.

  13. Sometimes it isn’t just a fast flash sometimes it stops the flash all together. Depending in the design of the system when there is a bulb out fault some systems will just turn on and not flash. I had to get the relay for my boulevard, as when I put one set of LEDs on it went to a fast flash, but after I put the second set on it wouldn’t flash.

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