2003 CBR 600RR Valve Adjustment


Anyone on here know how big of job it is to adjust valves on an 03?

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  1. Cost me $600 at the shop… if your good you can do it in a few hours…

  2. Checking clearance on valves is easy, adjusting them is a little more in depth because you need to pull the cams

  3. I know they are way out of whack. They sound horrible and the guy I got it off of put a head gasket in and said he never messed with the valves.

  4. Did you check the cct? Could often be confused with valve noise.

  5. What is that? Sorry never owned a cbr

  6. Cam chain tensioner. Common to go out and make a ticking noise resembling valve tick

  7. How can I check that?

  8. When does the noise occur?

  9. Soon as you start it

  10. Does it get better as the bike warms up?

  11. Not sure. I haven’t ran it long. No water in it he put it back together and then started to take it back apart so I just gave a little for it to flip it.

  12. Oh ok. How many miles?

  13. If it’s never had valves done, might as well check em anyway.

  14. I may just send it somewhere. I have another one I’m building already and don’t want 2 tore apart

  15. Might be a good idea if you don’t have a bunch of space. Too easy to mix up parts between the two.

  16. I’ve also got a fast ticking sound when riding. Stops when pulling the clutch. Any ideas. ? Also First bike . Cheers.

  17. Should take more than 4 hrs if you know what your doing.

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