what does the air gauge do?


Could anyone answer a question for me, Just what does the air gauge do? Mine don’t seem to work right,thanks.

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  1. Tell you the outside air temp.

  2. It shows the temperature of the air under the fairing. Seriously. The sensor is mounted behind the headlight next to the radio. I bought the oil temp gauge kit and swapped it out.

  3. It lies A lot

    • Yes. Any resemblance to the actual air temp is purely coincidental.

  4. It saves a spot for more important gauges.

    • Hogtunes makes a Bluetooth adapter that fits there too.

    • That Hogtunes Bluetooth is a piece of crap,, I bought one thinking it would fix all my Bluetooth problems but it won’t even let me answer my phone through my radio it’s strictly one-way Bluetooth, it finds my telephone and plays the music off of it just fine but it won’t let me make telephone calls through it.

    • Watson You are certainly entitled to your opinion. I don’t speak for Hogtunes, nor do I have the device under discussion – I only mentioned it as an option for that spot in the fairing – but as far as I’ve seen it was never advertised to be a full-feature smartphone integration device. It’s just a way to connect a BT audio device to the stereo’s AUX input. If I didn’t already have the oil temp gauge there in my fairing I’d certainly consider it in place of the BT dongle I’m currently using.

    • I know John that was my mistake I should have read the description on the product a little better, I’m more pissed at myself actually.

  5. Worthless piece of s–t replace it with an oil temp gage.

  6. American Iron Magazine did a “How To” on fitting an Oil Temp Gauge in that spot a few months back. Time to find that issue I think??

  7. it lets you know how much air is in the air

  8. Thanks everyone for your inputs I like the idea of the oil temp,gauge,,,thank you

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