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Have a 2016 250 xcf and would like to improve the throttle response and initial hit. There are two maps programmed with this bike and you have to get a map switch to access the aggressive map. Has anyone tried this with this bike? Did it make a noticeable difference? Any other suggestions? Thanks.

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  1. Isn’t their a connection under the tank to access the other map? And gearing it down is a good option

  2. I use the sicass “wild” map and Tps adjusted, and 13/51 gearing with a Procircuit slipon. Try not to use such a tall tire profile also.

  3. The optional map will be a traction map, so not any more snappy

  4. I’ve heard of sending off the ECU for a custom map. Anyone done this?

  5. The 350 and 450 came with a black throttle cam in the accessories kit.
    The owners manual states that it is for more aggressive throttle response.

    I never tried it because I rarely ride terrain suited for adding a more aggressive response.

    Slavens has a map switch for that bike in his close out page.

    Regarding “traction” map comments above: I think the 2 maps in that ECU are standard and slightly retarded ignition timing (that would be useful in conditions where traction is an issue)

    It shouldn’t be confused with the Traction Control feature that’s on the 17 map switches

  6. I recommend getting out of 2nd gear and using more than just a 1/4 throttle.

  7. Drill holes in the airbox

  8. Its what factory technicians do plenty of pros with this mod check it out on dirtrider channel on utube

  9. Get a 2 smoker

  10. I have the switch on my SX, there is not much difference between the two maps.

  11. Looks like Blais Racing offers a custome ECU tune. Anyone tried this?

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