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The biggest question….to go pick up this 300XC at the local dealer and do a lectron carb swap. Or wait for TPI. I do only want the XC though. Thoughts? Suggestions?

Pete Rakic:

I waited for tpi.. each to there own I guess.. everything about the tpi sounds worthwhile, no jetting, 30 to 40% better fuel economy, 4 to five tanks of petrol before you have to fill up oil tank, I just hope they fix this cracked oil tank issue that’s going on

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  1. The re jet is simple, runs great

  2. Put the lectron on.. Those new bikes will be heavier and more complicated to work on, and who knows all the little quarks they’ll have to work out like when KTM first started fuel injecting they’re 4 strokes. The lectron is like having TPI anyways, no adjustments necessary, mine works great.

  3. Thats a hard one lol i run the lectron on my 300xcw and love it but I’ve never tried a tpi so I can’t compare

  4. I also want a 300xc tpi I’m gonna wait for it in the mean time I have a 2016 300xcw sixdays too romp on

  5. Lectron!!!!

  6. i love my Lectron carb. Matt Moldovan or any one here let me know if you guys need a lectron carb, i’m a dealer and i can hook you up.

  7. There’s not been a definitive mention that the SX/TC or XC/TX models will be injected for 2019 model year, only the XCW/TE models for sure.

  8. I’d wait on tpi to make sure they have all the bugs worked out

  9. Leave it stock

  10. However I have a 17 an I’m putting on the Slavens lectron hv mule tomorrow

  11. Just ride and have fun!!!

  12. The 18 xc’s are jetted really well out of the box.

  13. My 17′ 300 with proper jetting and vforce reeds runs crispy and clean. I can lug it all day and put it rite to the pipe. My favorite bike to date.

  14. I had the same question. I went for it, and picked up an XC, added a Lectron and VF4 reeds, no regrets!

  15. What’s wrong with the stock set up? I have 2012 300xc and it runs great with the stock carb.

  16. Buy XC and JD tuner kit

  17. No need to do a Lectron. Properly jetted it runs great.

  18. I don’t understand why guys figure that going to a Lectron with a single circuit metering is going to solve these bikes. Making it crap the entire throttle position, instead of just one area which can be altered individually seems a little foolish. Check out the cnc’d slide available in the video I posted above.

  19. I have a 18 300 xc and absolutely love it great bike

  20. Lectron did absolutely nothing good for my bike. Did nothing but mess with it, per the companies guidance, and it ran like crap. Shipped that carb as fast as I could.

  21. Ok guys so here’s another question… 2016 250xc VS. 2017 250xc. Which is better and more reliable and why? I already know the carburetors on the 17s are garbage. But what about the new balance shaft engine? Is it any good? Or more to go wrong? Just want some opinions. Not trying to steal the mans post either

  22. Keihin air Stryker

  23. My 2018 300XC is pretty much spot on with a few minor tweaks. Keep the Mikuni, modify the slide or buy a 5.0 or 5.75 cutaway; richen up the pilot jet; Stock needles or JD’s both working well. That’s it. Read all the chatter on ktm talk and that’s where most are ending up. No need to spend big $$ on carbs. Unless you want to.

  24. I’d never buy the first year of ANYTHING. Go Lectron and go home.

  25. Putting a Smart carb on my 17 300xc we’ll see how that works

  26. Hard to believe people are puting a 1975 carb on a new bike. They were popular on flattrack bikes the longest, WFO. Harley sold a kit for street bikes in the 70s. some Pentons had them 1 year. The Dellorto on my 89 500 is twice the carb.

  27. No reason why this bike can’t be jetted properly.

  28. 2018 Needle/seat is pretty damn likable from the get go, just a tad fat off the bottom for some.

  29. Unless there are a bunch of pros on this thread, you aren’t going to be able to use 100% of the power a properly jetted stock 300 makes. Spend your money on setting up the suspension, and premix / seat time.

  30. I road a 250 TPI at romaniacs and got a 17 husky te300 a few weeks ago with a lectron carb. They are both fantastic and very similar as far as throttle response. I had a deposit on a 250 but no idea when it was coming in and it was a lot of money. After having the 300 for about a month if I now had to choose I would go with the 300 with the electron.

  31. Great bike. Sorry no idea

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