I’m needing to have it shipped from Texas to SC.


Looking for advice!! I purchased a timeout camper. I’m needing to have it shipped from Texas to SC. Any ideas on who to get to ship it?

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  1. Randy, Where in Texas is it located? Post a picture, that might be helpful.

  2. It’s in Abilene Tx going to Columbia SC

  3. Find a broker who. Handles LTL flatbed freight and see if you can get it on a truck headed that way.

  4. Ray Leiker have you seen Shipping Wars ??LOL

  5. I live in SC get me a hitch and wiring for my Indian roadmaster and I’ll take a ride

  6. I’ll tow it to you if my hitch & plug work on it. You buy my gas (round trip) & feed me.

  7. I use uship for stuff like that. http://Www.Uship.com

  8. Old Dominion

  9. Depending on where you work have it shipped to your place of employment if you crate it and send it through Old Dominion , ward , yellow , etc it’s not that expensive to do

  10. Ummmm take a trip Texas and drag it homes yourself??!!

  11. MAyFlower Van has a division that ships bikes, ATVs and other related items. Reasonable as well.

  12. I had a dirt bike that I bought outside of Chicago ship to California and they shipped it by Federal Express

  13. Give David $500 and be done.

  14. A business that is close by and a friend

  15. Sounds like a road trip my brother.hook it up and drive it back

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