How many miles we can do in 10 hours?


We have a trip coming up that is going to force us to take the highway instead of twisties due to time restraints. We usually ride on pretty twisty back roads that have 45 mph speeds and go 50-55. We have done it enough that I know at that rate on those roads it takes us about 10 hrs to go about 400 miles. (Including gas stops and lunch).

I have no idea how many miles we can do in 10 hours on the highway going 80 miles and hour. Any ideas?

I have 2 days to do 890 miles. Clearly that one is doable with less than 10 hour days. But can we do 1300 miles in 2 days too? Or should we just make it 3 days. Highway riding is boring to me.

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  1. I used to run Chicago to Mitchell Sd in about 10hrs 610 miles Doing close to the speed limit

  2. Iron Butt riders do The Bun Burner Gold, which is a motorcycle ride in which you must ride 1,500 miles in less than 24 hours. I’ve personally done 1,200 in a day, but it wasn’t for the Iron Butt patch.

  3. 650 miles a days are long riding days….but definitely doable if you’re pressed for time. Rides of a 1000 or even 1500 in a day are possible but the fun part stops at the 400 mile point. It’s work after that.

  4. You will be lucky to adverage 55 miles per hour with stops.

  5. 1760 miles in 2&1/2 days… 4 bikes…..had to keep on the move

  6. Anything is possible , but do not kid or kill yourselves if you fall short of the mark. Ride safe.

  7. I ride from Memphis to Daytona in one shot. 800mi. About 11.5hrs

  8. Took me about 10 hours to do ~650 with periodic stops. But IMO, that’s too many miles per day, especially if your planning on a couple in a row. I would back it off to about 450/day to be comfortable. Just my $0.02

  9. Unless your 18 to say 30yo, figure you can do it in two long tiring days. Or, do it in 3 relaxed and safe days……You choose!

  10. It’s has a lot to do with mind set also.If your excited and looking forward to the destination you will make it a lot easier, but if your not up to it mentality or physically up to that kind of day,don’t force the issue.Makes a miserable and painful day.

  11. Raleigh, NC to Austin, TX is 1,326 miles. I did it almost all highway in 3 and a half days. I did get off the concrete slab for a few hours to preserve my sanity once for about 3 hours on the second day. 😉 You are right. I was pretty boring on the interstate. On the way back a did all smaller highways and twisties. No interstates. I was well worth the extra day it took to get home. 🙂

  12. Take 3 days, don’t wear yourself out.

  13. I agree with Jerry Rogers. Your mindset and attitude has a lot to do with outcome. Being in good physical condition makes it easier to do longer days. Stay hydrated, eat small healthy snacks at short intervals rather than a couple of large meals. Make a short stop (5 – 10 min) each 1 – 2 hours to stretch, walk around, pee. Get an early start before breakfast. Be aware of drowsiness & loss of concentration. Be alert… the world needs more lerts…

  14. Don’t set yourself a miles to do but a time limit for riding\nWe ride lots in Europe and think 8 hours riding is the max we will do.\nWhen you add in stops fuel ect it’s more like 10/11 hour days\nUnless you really have too avoid it

  15. I would do it in 3 days. Ride .Stop. Rest. See. Meet.enjoy.

  16. interstate hwy travel is more tedious for me, I get sleepier, but even so I think I can do over 600m a day for a couple days, make plans for the overnight stop, and do take rest breaks at gas and lunch!

  17. A 70mph highway rarely nets more than 60 miles in one hour.

  18. 900 miles? I would take three, but that’s just us..Hard to find a good or even so-so motel room after that late landing…

  19. Me and the gf did almost a 1000 miles a day twice on the bike. Central mn to denver co

  20. we do 1200-1300 a day but thats not for everybody

  21. rode from Princeton Wi. to Kennebec (600 miles)

  22. Did the above in 10 hrs. Buddy bike was down for 6 hrs. Had to meet the others in our group. Mostly 90 MPR.

  23. My wife & I did a trip a few years ago with time constraints, like you have. The trip included 4 riding days in which we rode 500 to 600 mile days. It was her first time riding more than a 400 mile day & I was a little concerned that it would be too much for her. She did fine until the last 60 miles of the trip. That’s when she really got exhausted & I thought we were going to have to stop. She made it, but that last 60 miles was really rough.

  24. My lady and I did about 550 miles from Sturgis to Austin Mn. Longest day for her. I usually ride between 600 and over 800 miles by myself but around 400 with her

  25. I always put in extra time on the first day. If you gas and go on the first stop you will save 15 minutes. Because I ride alone and am an Iron butt rider I have done 1,100 miles in one day. Seriously a 650 mile day on interstate should take about 10 hours. You’re not going to be able to average 80 MPH for very long distances. I.E. Traffic, cops, construction, weather.

  26. 1100 miles at 75-80mph takes about 17hrs only stopping to refuel about every 200 miles

  27. This is a joke right? You can’t do the simple math?

  28. We did 752 interstate miles one day from Waldron IN. to Souix City Nebraska on our trip to the West Coast. It took us about 13 to 14 hours and it seemed like forever! Indiana and Iowa interstate riding is more BORING than some other interstates! We did it to make time to see more other days. One bright spot was the City Park in Souix City Nebraska where we camped. It had full hookups, wonderful clean shower houses with ac and live music. We found it by accident saw it across the river while going through Souix City Iowa and it was way past time to be off the bike. Nebraska wasn’t part of the plan but it ended to be a great place to camp for $26.00 per night.

  29. Rode a Burgman 650 scooter 1286 miles from Minocqua WI to Pinehurst NC in two days stopping in Decatur Ill for 2 hours to see family

  30. Did 700 miles in 12 hrs. Every fill up took a swig of super 5-hr energy. Coulda ridden few more hrs which the twitches.

  31. My husband and I did nearly 1k in a day from Arkansas all highway but it wasnt fun! We usually stick to 500 miles when we do highway but you could 1300 in 2 long days or 3 shorter days. It all depends on how long you really want to ride

  32. I’ve ridden from Sturgis SD to my home in Joplin Missouri….. one day

  33. I do 250 – 300 in 8-9 hrs. Never highways. Stop alot and love looking around. 80 MPH is NOT fun to me, just as soon stay home…Yes I’m retired lol

  34. 973 in 14 and that’s not pushing it.

  35. It can be done but it’s gonna be a lot of saddle time. I’d recommend 3 days but good luck and hoping the weather holds if you do. As far as speed, unless I’m sightseeing going 80 sounds pretty good for eating up ground at a great pace.

  36. Let’s just wait a goddamn minute here – 1000 miles on a 5-lane interstate riding a Goldwing cannot be compared to riding 400 miles on twisty narrow mountain roads astride a KLR . Apples and oranges .

  37. I did 900 miles in 1 day on a 883 and felt like I was still moving for 8 hrs after I got there.

  38. the correct answer is 800….. you can do 800 miles…. in 10 hours… at 80 mph. 🙂

  39. don’t forget to add 15+ minutes for every gas stop, 30+ for every snack or lunch break.. I don’t care what the map says, you will not be doing 80 mph for 10 hours, even if you don’t stop when your but gets numb.

  40. i regularly do the trip from WIlmington De to Cleveland 432 miles 1/2 twisties 1/2 Highway but both i rarely am doing speed limit highways usually about 80 and the hilly roads through the poconos are mostly above the speed limit typically 65ish i do that on a Vstrom 650 durring the warm months and a VT1100 with a sidecar durring the colder months it typically takes me 6 hrs including lunch and fuel p brake

  41. Honestly, if all I’m going to do is blast down some soulless interstate, I would trailer the bike and ride at the destination. All you will do is wear out your tires.

  42. Plan rest stops on 1-2 hour intervals. Even 5 minute breaks do a lot of good.

  43. Umm, well, if your doing 80 miles per hour, and traveling 10 hours, that would be 800 miles, simple math. Now take out for fuel, rest, and traffic in your route and you have a plan.\n\nAs to your second question, I’ve done 1300 miles in one day, it was a long day, but still. I know people that do 1500 miles in a day, at least twice a year as part of their vacation. So yes, 1300 miles in two days is completely doable, if you want to get where your going in two days.

  44. I do 605 miles pulling a camper in 11 hours including gas and food stops.\nConstant 65 to 70 MPH.

  45. 600 is the most I’ve done on one day beside Iron Butt rides. 600 is a lot, but it’s doable. Just be sure to stretch your back and legs out when filling up gas. Seriously, do stretches and you will thank me later. So 2 days, knock out 600 day one. Sleep well. And finish the rest day 2.

  46. Yep around 6. And enjoy the evening. Then go again

  47. I just ride and enjoy it . Its all about the ride .

  48. I rode from Leads SD to Columbus Ohio last spring. 1500 miles in 2 days. Broke it up into 2 750 mile days. Wasn’t uncomfortable just moving at freeway or highway speeds. Only stop for gas, eat a power bar while fueling and pee when you have to. Limit your stop times to what’s absolutely necessary. And you’ll be fine and comfortable. You would be surprised how much time is wasted wondering around at food and fuel stops.

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