2018 Iron 883 Colors


2018 Harley Davidson Iron 883 colors. What’s your favorite?

Black Denim

Bonneville Salt Denim


Hard Candy Chameleon Flake

Industrial Gray Denim

Wicked Red

Moro Iron 883 Photos below;

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Answers ( 6 )

  1. Kinda partial to the Salt White Denim. From the pics it doesn’t look too far off from my Camo Sand Denim. Need to see one up close and personal, it’s gotta be a good bit lighter.

  2. I love my 2017 red denim, did they stop the color for 2018, I didn’t see it up there…

  3. Still black

  4. For sure black but the green one looks cool also

  5. Black denim always… signature color of the model

  6. Bonneville salt white denim

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