I have a PiggyBacker XL trailer


Ok peeps…got a dilemma so I'm turning to the motorcycle camping gurus. I have a PiggyBacker XL trailer with 12" wheels, torsion axle, swivel hitch, bumper etc. My dilemma is this. I have 10'x10' canopy that I want to bring to Sturgis in a few weeks. Closed the canopy measures 51" in length, 6" high by 6" deep. Basically a long, thin ass rectangular shape. It won't fit inside because of the big tent I bring. So that leads me to this question…where the hell do I put it and how should I attach it? It weighs 32lbs. If the bumper slid out further I'd put it between the back of the trailer & the bumper. But I only have a few inches to back out the bumper, unless I have more length welded on to the bumper itself. Can't run it underneath and attach it to the frame with ratchet straps cuz of the spare tire. And can't strap or or install a luggage wrack on top cuz it's rounded and won't lay flat. So…give me some insight. I'm not an engineer so keep it simple for me. And I don't wanna look like the Clampetts going down the highway. Any & all suggestions are appreciated.

I have a PiggyBacker XL trailer

I have a PiggyBacker XL trailer

I have a PiggyBacker XL trailer

I have a PiggyBacker XL trailer

I have a PiggyBacker XL trailer

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  1. I’ll have to look at it Michael Castillo…where’d ya get the rack?

  2. A full size luggage rack will actually strengthen the top, especially if you put a couple of extra supports in there.

  3. Scott Russ, I once rode my bike 800+ miles from Monroe, LA to Columbia, SC. I shipped my luggage and a TV on the bus…it was there before I was…

  4. Gary Scherler…the top isn’t flat. It rounds down at the front. Not sure if it’ll mount well?

  5. Ideas on where to get a luggage rack???

  6. That’s why I said to get the taller supports.

  7. Ok…where to get the luggage rack?

  8. As I said, boat stores carry the pieces.

  9. This is mine before rack.

  10. I don’t have access to a welder Gary Scherler so I’ll have to get something pre-fabbed

  11. After rack installed. These are towel racks from Home Depot. Not the same brand trailer but thought it would give you some ideas.

  12. I would try to rest it across the rear bumper and use ratchet straps from the bumper, over the top and to the cooler rack, then take a ride and see how it handles.

  13. You could zip tie it to the outside of the bumper. That would be secure and prevent theft when your away from your bike. Keep a pair of wire snippers to remove it. Zip ties are about $1.00 for a bag of them.

  14. You want to wary of putting on the rear bumper…it WILL change your tongue weight to very light and your trailer could "wobble" at speed. If you got that route…test it starting slowly. Me? I would put a rack on the top (even if it’s curved).

  15. Anyone else going that could haul it for you?

  16. Do like I did and buy you one that has all fiberglass legs and assembles like a tent.
    The whole thing fits in a bag about 2 feet long and maybe 8 inches in diameter. A little more trouble to set up but works and packs nicely.

  17. strap it to the rear bumper then just adjust the weight in the trailer to compensate for the negative effect on the tongue, not that big of a deal….. tongue should be about 10 u0025 of trailer weight

  18. Scott Russ,buy one of these.It will almost fit in you saddle bags.

  19. Jerry, where did you get that?

  20. My trailer is 48 inches on the inside. My canopy is 51 inches. The case for the canopy has wheels on the bottom. I took the canopy out of its carrying case and it fit in the trailer from front left corner to read right corner. It was a chore but we got it. Good luck.

  21. This is the canopy we set up

  22. I believe I found it at Walmart
    Marlene Grunig.It works great,just a little more to set up because you have to stake it like a tent.

  23. This is the trailer we fit it in

  24. You might Google Northwest Territory and find one

  25. the luggage rack is what comes on the ultra classic

  26. Marlene Grunig,now that I think about it I believe it was Kmart.

  27. I have one in town I will head up there tomorrow! Thanks!

  28. I suggest move the spare under the tounge, get 6 " PVC pipe with screw off cap on one end, cap off on the other end, paint black, mount underneath the camper. Low ctr gravity, out of the way.

  29. I use a cargo bag and strap it right on top of the clam shell. The lip under the bottom portion is quite strong. Here is my bike on my trip to the California redwoods.

  30. Scott Russ, you don’t need a welder. It’s all aluminum. Just have to bend and cut it. You slide the supports down the round rails and tighten them down. Think of a boat and the aluminum rails they have on it. That’s all there is to it. Very easy to work with. The hardest part is the bends.. fill the rails with sand and go for it!

    Edit: If you can’t do the bends just put 3 rails on it. That will make it super easy!!!

  31. Scott Russ, here’s a pic of what I’m talking about. Heres a link. Now find the lengths and add a couple center supports and you have it.

  32. Scott Russ, here is a center support.

    These are better than just the plain aluminum ones.

  33. Thanks everyone for all the suggestions. Guess I have some tinkering to do. I took it out of its case and tried to lay it corner to corner and it still wouldn’t fit. About 2" too long. I’ll see what I can come up with and go from there. Thanks again for all the input.

  34. David Foree, I would install a backing plate of some sort in the inside of most car top carriers (or whatever) if they are not strong enough to support the railing. Could be as long as needed 2" or 3" x 1/4" to go under the full length or individual plates for each one. I did the long ones when I did mine about 20+ years ago. Pulled it around behind my old Goldwing back then. Man, I’m feeling old! 😉

  35. Yep. We’ve carried several lawn chairs underneath. I was going to carry my instant up canopy there too. But I just cut 2 inches off the legs and it fit.

  36. If you have enough clearance underneath, why not just take the spare off and put it in the trailer then strap the canopy under the trailer?

  37. did you figure out how to carry the canopy?

  38. I’ll either strap it underneath the tongue, ship it or make a rack. Got see how well it’ll stay on strapped to the tongue.

  39. Cut the legs on it and call it custom.

  40. another guy put a piece of plywood over the cooler rack for his tent and cots.

  41. Thanks for all the comments and suggestions. I ended up taking the lazy way out and just shipped it. Now I have more room for beer.

  42. Here you go. this is what I do.

  43. love the easy way out, always more beer!

  44. I use a tarp and poles. packs very small.

  45. Never considered that Gary E Moody.

  46. Gary E Moody…from what I can see you strap the board to your cooler rack with ratchet straps? And on that board you have some tie down points yea?

  47. Looks like he has eye bolts on the board… 🙂

  48. can you get some poles that collapse more?

  49. Just ordered one canopy online Jerry L. Rodgers, thanks for the tip!

  50. I have u bolts holding the front down then you can lift and put stuff under. First time out with it I like how it worked so I will paint to mach.

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