Self inflating mattress pads. Recommendations?


Quick question for tent campers. Self inflating mattress pads. Recommendations?

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  1. Thermarest

  2. I tried a few but didn’t find them very comfy. I use a twin air mattress and a rechargeable air pump

  3. I had a cheap Coleman brand one last year and it went flat on my third night using it. Just looking for something compact but at least
    1 1/2" thick. I don’t pull a trailer but don’t want to look like a gypsy on the road. I think I tend to overpack and trying to break that habit and cut back some

  4. Big Agnes Q-Core, has a waffle pattern, packs very small

  5. We use cotts

  6. Light Speed Queen air mattress. Fits in a saddle bag w battery powered pump. Best air mattress I’ve ever slept on

  7. I use a cottage, because it lets the air circulate around you. An air mattress feels clammy !

  8. I like my thermo-rest

  9. Hiking. 3/4 thermo rest. Motorcycle Synmat 9

  10. We use a queen mattress and 12V pump. I’m thinking to get a battery pump bc of the noise of the bike on late at night.

  11. Exped! take your pick of sizes and depth, there strong, light and fold a lot smaller than thermarest et al. And they have a little folding pump.

  12. I use ASCEND Camp air mattress you can buy on Basspro 100u0025 recommended

  13. Thanks for the replays. Now to do a little research

  14. Therm-a-rest. Light, easy to store and rugged

  15. I’m going to suggest one that isn’t a self inflator but is awesome… the big agness. It’s thicker than a thermarest and insulated as well. Really doesn’t take too long to blow up either.

  16. See my earlier post re diffrant types

  17. Use an Exped 10 in my Lees-ure Lite

  18. 4" gander mount any thinner wasn’t comfortable, made racks for then they are very light.

  19. The therm a rest is like sleeping on a bed. Cost $ but worth it. Follow instructions for storage at home. Also if in a tent get a whisk broom to clean tent floor.ENJOY

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