Timeout deluxe and the bunkhouse king.


Ok got a question for everyone need opinion looking to buy a new camper can't make up my mind between the timeout deluxe and the bunkhouse king.

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  1. We have our 2nd Bunkhouse and love them.Just sold our 01.

  2. ­čÖé Very open ended question. Those of us who own a Bunkhouse King think it is the greatest thing on earth and those who own a timeout….. not as good as a Bunkhouse. Bahahaha

  3. Lees-ure-lite

  4. We have a bunkhouse love it but you have to decide how much storage room you need for all of your stuff

  5. We have a Timeout and like it because wea re off the ground completely in it and Steve can stand up in it to get dressed

  6. Aspen Classic….. have it delivered by them to a show, No shipping and No sales tax.

  7. We looked the time out and I told the wife that if I was gonna have to assemble it we just as well stay with the cargo trailer and tent.Bunkhouse sets up like a convertible top on a car and storage is under the bed whether the tent is up or down.

  8. A good resource for motorcycle camping and equipment is: motocampers.com Check out the forum and peoples opinions on various campers and tents.

  9. Bunkhouse give you more storage… Time Out gives you more living space off ground. We love our Time Out and wouldnt trade. Suspect Bunkhouse folks feel the same about theirs.

  10. For storage.. we carry two of these stacked. Could easily stack more if needed. In top one.. we carry our air conditioner. We get plenty of storage this way at campsite.

  11. David Mowen,as you see already each owner of each brand thinks theirs is the best.LOL .Best thing to do is go on-line and watch the set up and storage videos and pick out what you like about each one and try to get the most of what you want in a camper.

  12. I have a solace camper. I love it camping. Queen size bed. Can sleep 4 adults if needed. Completely off the ground. It’s like a time out camper. The best part. Brand new under $3000. Compared to its companions.

  13. And one pic behind the bike.

  14. We have and love our bunkhouse but as others have said we all lean toward what we have. Look them over and chose what pleases you.

    At wing ding in Ft. Wayne ind. we had a terrible storm come through the area. Several campers destroyed one time out turned over and about all of the poles damaged beyond use. The time out rep had several units on display he came to the campground and replaced the damaged poles so the folks could camp. Just saying it was a stand up thing for time out to do. Customer service at its best.


  15. Ty everyone leaning toward the bunkhouse from what I have found so far on the web

  16. Bunkhouse all the way.

  17. We were there at Ft. Wayne and yes time out came out and repaired that damaged trailer, we had our Kwik Kamp then and no damage at all.

  18. We were there to but were not camping

  19. The bunkhouse sets up so nice! !!

  20. Aspen trailmaster the best

  21. King size bed. A/c port easy set up and fold down. Storage u can get to down or up. Very convenient

  22. Aspen Classic is very nice, roomy tent trailer with a King size bed area, and can have an A/C for the hot places. 330 lbs empty and has 25 cubic ft of storage! Pic is at the Chips at Sturgis 2005.

  23. Timeout got to unload to setup, bunkhouse or aspen you don’t. If it’s raining that a big deal.aspen has tent frame on inside, can hang stuff on them . bunkhouse outside. I’ve got a mini mate ,want a aspen more room and storage

  24. Jerry L. Rodgers,had a bunkhouse for sale,don’t know if he sold it yet.mite be better to by a used 1 first.

  25. True.. setup in rain is one downside to Time Out… however… once setup and it rains… I would much rather jump out of bed onto dry, off the ground platform rather than the rain soaked ground or tarp.

  26. I sold mine William Schleiff.

  27. The changing area of a Bunkhouse and Aspen are on the ground but the floor is made from a heavy waterproof material with 6 in. Lip around floor you would be in deep water to ever get your feet wet inside these campers.

  28. Walmart sells a tube mat that’s 12 by 12 .it for out side the RVS for patios, but can fold in haft to put under the floor so rock don’t poke holes .

  29. I lay a tarp as ground protection for the tent area plus the Aspen Classic has a plastic or whatever it is bottom to the tent area and extends a few inches up the side to keep the water out. I put a welcome mat/carpet just inside the door to catch the stuff on your shoes. Saves on a lot of sweeping! Even in heavy rains the inside is always dry!

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