I have a 08 cbr 1000rr I was wonder what causes it to burn oil.


I have a 08 cbr 1000rr I was wonder what causes it to burn oil. I’ve been reading up on it and really didn’t get the answer I want it’s coming up on winter and will love to take care of the issue. I work on my own bikes so if it’s the rings, valve leak or anything I can do. I just want to take care of the problem so don’t have to worry about checking my oil every 500 miles.

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  1. Just ride her. I have 36k on mine and going strong, havr a buddy with 68k going strong. Mine was semt to hinda usa to have issues fixed bc they never released a full blown recall and even after the issue was taken care within 15k miles mine was consuming(what honda calls it not burning…bahaha) and crank whine came back as well. Just make sure every 1k miles of hard riding or every 1300 of normal riding you add about a quarter of a quart and go. You can actually feel it when it in the gear box when shifting when it gets a quarter quart low. I buy 5quarts at a time amd when the 5th quart is gone I do my oil change. Dont worry it will not mess tue bike up and doesnt cause any performance issues.

    Do you have soot build up on the end of your exhaust? Or on the swing arm by exhaust? If you dont then good she isnt doing it if she does its hinestly no sweat. Adam Tabor on this page is the man to talk to and he will tell ya same thing.

  2. I’ve heard it’s the piston rings I think they did a recall on some of the years from ‘08 and up

  3. It’s a combination of piston rings and the OEM nikasil cylinders. The only true way is to replace pistons and rings, send the cylinders to millennium. Or at minimum, rings and re nikasil.

  4. Chandler what is your burn rate? For me my bike was about a quart every 1500-2000 miles. I was generally changing the oil every 1500 miles since a bike has much higher RPM vs a car. Also a wet clutch and transmission share the same oil – higher frequency of change.

    My strategy was always fill to the very tip top of the dip stick then change oil when it got to the bottom of the dip stick. Fluids, tires, etc is a preride check anyhow so I always kept an eye on in it.

    Some CBRs are worse than a quart / 2000 miles so in that case it might be worth a rebuild or trading in for a newer year or different brand.

    A true fix requires full engine tear down, new pistons, rings, & cylinder walls.

    To me unless you are running out of oil every weekend then leave it. Top off if needed. Change every 2000miles.

    Check your oil, tires, chain, sprockets, fluids once a week anyways. Never know when you will catch a failing part.

  5. There was a factory recall a few years back that included 09 but I’m not sure what other years were involved. Even with friends working at the dealership I couldn’t get mine flagged for a rebuild, just keep checking your oil.

    • There was never a recall. Oil burning was a technical service bulletin and dealt with on a case by case basis.

    • Right on. I couldn’t remember what the notice was called.

    • The name just makes a big difference in coverage. A recall is a safety issue and will be replaced without time limitations.

      2 items were recalled and that’s a hose clamp and the clutch. Only some you can look it up by vin number online.

      Crank whine was a warranty extension – meaning if you prove your bike does it they would replace the crank but there was a time limit. If your bike has crank whine now its not going to be covered.

      Oil burning was a tech bulletin – meaning Honda documented that it existed but all they did was write a procedure so factory techs could say yes/no. No warranty extension or recall for this since its not a safety issue it’s a reliability issue.

      IMO Honda should have done a warranty extension on oil burning but they didn’t. If it wasn’t replaced in the first year of ownership then no go on any future coverage.

    • In my area it was warranty issue. If it wasn’t taken care of when new it was never fixed.

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