How many miles you get out of your 690 or 701 before a rebuild?


How many miles you get out of your 690 or 701 before a rebuild?  I have asked one of my friend. He said 100k.

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  1. Check out what Lyndon Poskitt has written about it. I think there is a thread on advrider where he listed all the stuff that he changed on his bike on Races 2 Places.

  2. 3 full and 2 partial rebuilds in 41000 miles and now have a failing conrod so will be doing another soon.

  3. How long it takes to do a full rebuild and how much $ in parts?

  4. 2 days as long as all goes smoothly. Parts wise, depends what you’re replacing and from what country you’re trying to source them I guess.

  5. You are clearly doing something wrong…… or abusing the hell out of that engine…..

  6. Joe Morgan or the engine has a fundamental QA issue… 3 countershafts and counting. No one from KTM prepared to hypothesise why.

  7. Snapping the counter shaft? What year?

  8. 2012. Not snapping, stripping splines. Tried to blame after market sprocket, then happened with an OEM one, then pointed to chain until I reminded them it was tension as per their instructions. Partial rebuilds have been sprag-clutch on primary gear, clutch basket and stator. I now have an major vibration which I’m expecting to be a conrod on its way out. Not acceptable for a 40,000 mike modern engine even if it has been ridden around the world.

  9. Yeah.. certainly doesn’t make sense… was there an upgraded shaft in later models? KTM have a habit of not providing warranty and claiming “its the first time we have heard of your issue” then upgrading or changing that part in future models… they think we are silly

  10. Had a crankcase check valve (membrane oem) break at approx 40k,and countershaft snap at approx 60k,both failures require engine removal and split cases.

  11. 40.000km replaced piston barrell and 2 valves

  12. 2008 690RFR. Milage minimum 70K kilometers. Not raced Dakar but Morocko, Silk and another event i do not remember. In amateur ownership since 2010 and not replaced ANYTHING in engine until now. Tore down everything (me) and ordered quite a lot of parts. Result Was piston started to show wear on “skirt”. Rod and bearings just fine and 2/100mm clearance. Gearbox no sign of heavy wear. Primary gear had cracked in the threaded part. Didn’t notice anything while riding. Still same rocker arms since 2008 and just fine (will be replaced now). Main crankshaft bearings started to show wear and tiny dimples on inner ring. Also replaced. Otherwise replaced all bearings but most of the not needed but did it anyway. Engine is now reset. Oh btw: the cylinder still looked like new and one could see those factory “hone” marks in the walls. Unbelievable. Chassis was another story and about every moving part had to be replaced ?

  13. 80,000km before the first rebuild when I fitted the 732 kit and Nova Transmission (only really needed piston rings though). I’ve done another 90,000km since then and the motor is still on the original main and gearbox bearings. Total mileage is 170,000km and it’s done 5 International Races in that lot.

  14. 32000km This came out of the front oil strainer. It’s magnetic and the big black chunks that’s scellant. Never seen that before in previous oil changes (every 5000-6000km if not raced). Nothing in the other strainer and drain plug, I haven’t cut open the oil filters yet. Engine didn’t sound correct, started all of a sudden 200km from home, light knocking in the bottom end. I’m wondering if it’s not a bit of scellant that detached and obstructed an oil passage that destroyed whatever is now knocking.

    • Lyndon, you’ve opened so many of these. Swarf only in the forward strainer (suction strainer per the manual) and absolutely nothing on the side strainer (pressure) and just the normal fine gunk on the magnetic plug that you get at every oil change. What could that be?

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