Honda Grom Cheap Air Intake


Any ideas how to make a cool air intake? Like a cheap one. Thanks.

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  1. In for ideas lol.

  2. Buy the k&n 1100 air filter. Take off your air box flip the throttle body to forward facing Orientation reroute one of the throttle cables, install k&n onto throttle body tighten everything up. Your open air filter is now where the upper left corner of the air box was and it cost like 12$

  3. I was told that the cable doesnt stretch that far and you will run into operation issues. Someone i know tried it and it was an issue.

  4. I did it no problem. You have to pull the cables out of their original runs and loop the one around the left side of the head tube then it works fine. Also have to zip tie the air temp sensor to the air filter so it’s still getting a reading

  5. They work just fine you have to find the right places to run them for mine the return cable was fine where it was the cable to open the throttle had to go around the head tube. You’ll also have to reroute some of the other lines going to the TB. It definitely can be done just takes some patients. Probably took me half an hour to do it once I got the air box off

  6. Literally what I did when I took off my 235 but still wanted to use the fitler.

  7. 38mm 135┬░ silicone elbow. 38mm pod filter. 38mm 1 inch coupler. Hose clamps

  8. 20 bucks total for everything

  9. Have to cut the silicone hose down on the left side a little

  10. Radiator hose and k&n r1100, I left the hose alittle long so the filter is out

  11. Like suggested above 135 degree bend coupler. Only difference mine is 2″ with uni filter which is 2″ also.

  12. I spent $100 on the carbon Drow sport intake with K&N, it eats air like a fat kid.

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