Husqvarna SM 510 R Isn’t Running Properly


Quick tech question guys. My 2010 smr 510 with 7500kms isn’t running properly and it has a bunch of aftermarket done to it when I bought used it and I don’t know what to try do fix it.
When it’s idling if I hit the throttle quick (even just a little bit) it pops or backfires and shuts off. I have to get on the throttle slow. And while riding it feels like it has many flat spots in the rpm range almost like it’s starving for fuel
The bike has a jd jetting programmer and the factorypower up kit installed along with race baffles.
Please help me with ideas of what to try to diagnose and fix this
Thank you

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  1. Photo of my 2010 smr 510

  2. try check you inlet manifold, I had a 450 with the same symptoms, and that was caused by a cracked inlet manifold, I think the part number is same for 450 and 510

  3. I kind of had the same issues with my 690. Got it solved after having no clue for almost 2 weeks. The intake boot came off the throttle body and therefore it wouldn’t idle.

  4. Could have a cracked spark plug

  5. So I got it running 95% right
    -checked valve clearance. All in spec
    -replaced air filter and spark plug
    -Tested fuel pump and came back perfect. Changed fuel filters
    -tps was off a bit

    But what was causing the problem was the clamp around the throttle body holding the intake boot to it was tightened too much and had a tear in the boot
    Thanks so much everyone for the help
    Hope this helps members in the future
    Take care all

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