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Hey guys, I have to ask you something. I have a xenon headlight in my KTM. I think it could be a problem for the battery when I switch the light on. Because my power supply is going down to around 11V. What do you think, should I let the bike running or do I have to prepare something? I just bought the bike with the Xenon Headlight.


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  1. Xenon should draw less than normal bulb….you may need to check your wiring if it is dropping the voltage by that much ….it suggests a short or fault of some sort…have you checked the voltage drop on the battery with a multi meter???…maybe the volt meter u have installed has a problem…xenon usually draw around 35 – 45 Watts..normal bulb 55 or greater …

  2. I have 2x55w hids on -00 adventure, with relays, and no problems. Check voltage drop between battery + and ballast units +, less is better.

  3. Perhaps battery is on the way out?

  4. What is the voltage with the bulb taken out or switched off?

  5. I have no clue, but love your dash…

  6. Change them for a led light kit, won’t consume almost anything and will give you a hell of a light

  7. HID ballasts can very well be the cause as if and when they fail, they can overdraw but I’d be surprised if that is the case. Measure carefully as others here have suggested. Look for voltage with the bike off and nothing at all on, with the bike at idle and then at higher revs (3000+) and let us know what the results are. This assumes you can switch your lights off completely for these tests

    After, please do the same two running tests (not worried about lights on with the bike off) and tell me your measured voltage with low (dipped) beam and high beam. Got it?

  8. Hey Alon, if I have the light off, I have normal voltage around 13.5, or higher depends what what rev I am driving.
    If the bike is running and I switch the light on, the voltage will fall to around 11.5 – 12.5. Depends which rev is running.
    If the engine is out it starts from 10.2 – 11.4

    Do you think it ist a short between some cables, or could it be the converter?

    I will do some tests these days and let you know

  9. to what point on wiring harness is you voltmeter connectet?

  10. On the KTM 640 (At least on my 1998 Adventure), there is a plug connection on the front left side, behind the signal light, which is there for the only purpose of being disconnected, if you have electrical start problems. With this disconnected, all battery voltage goes onlyto the starter motor, and nothing to instruments or other lights. In my case this is how I can measure the voltage with the lights off. If you have the same plug, you can try to measure on the battery with a “dead” bike, and while running on 3000 rpm, with the plug disconnected and connected. IF you can be so lucky to find some LED replacement, which fits, please tell me too, I’m also looking.

  11. I think, I found the problem, or not ….haha
    I am only a stupid chimney sweep…🙂
    Let me try to tell:
    I checked it all when the engine was out….
    The light is getting the same voltage as the battery gives.
    If I switch the beam on, the “out“ going voltage to the navigation and to the voltometer on the cockpit is lower then the battery is given.
    That’s ok? Or not?
    So, it would be better to put the the voltometer directly in line just in front of the lights…
    Is that right?

  12. Sounds like too thin wires.
    Stock wiring harnes?

  13. Marcel, As JL here is saying, at least on bigger consumers, it’s better to upgrade your wiring harness, meaning going up a size on the thickness. Do also check all your groundings to the frame. Disconnect them, clean the surface and tight them properly after.

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