HRC rear brake reservoir kit on a 5vy?


Any of you lot used a HRC rear brake reservoir kit on a 5vy?

Got one but not sure whether to fit it or not as read a few stories about the tube sweating/leaking!

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  1. Also 8mm is the right size yeah?

  2. Got one on my 4c8 without any issues

  3. They do sweat. Just use some trygon 2375 tube. It’s a fraction of the price.

  4. I used them back in 2011. On a srad I had and it was great. No sweating.
    I fitted one to my Gsxr k3 1000 and the bitch kept sweating.
    They sent me a replacement and did the same thing so they sent me another. But didn’t use it. Anyone want it lol

  5. I dunno weather to sell it or not as if it’s gunna sweat I don’t want it on my head if brake fluid sweated out on to something.

    Type in eBay —
    Hrc brake hose and click search then scroll through.
    I’ve also had the ones for a tenner with different colours. But they sweat too and we’ll as being discolourd but the brake fluid.
    So buy wisely buddy

  6. I used one on my R1.

  7. What do you benefit from these u300a I’m asking a genuine question not piss take as I have no idea what they are

  8. I think I’ll put it on and if it sweats I’ll swap the tube for some tygon

  9. Got the blue 1 on front and back on my 14b

  10. Had the kit on my 5vy. It lasted a few months before it started sweating and was replaced by tygon. This was still clear 2 years later when I sold the bike

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