R1M battery life?


Hey guys anyone got a r1M I’ve got a question about the battery life? seems to only last two days with the bike off anything after that she won’t start! Now I know that they have a small battery, but surely it should be better than that ?

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  1. Nah the stock one is shite

  2. Had exactly the same on my 2016 r1m. Changed to a lithium but made it worse. Keep with the normal battery (maybe get a couple of weeks out of it ) and get a optimiser. Or as I do, just disconnect every time. I know it’s a pain
    Make sure your not turning your key all the way round to activate the parking light ?
    Which drains the battery…

  3. Speedcell 5.0 best investment Iv made for a battery

  4. I have mine on a trickle charger when not used as the alarm/ tracker eats the battery in a couple of days.

  5. Same here, tried lithium battery also and that was worse, you’ve just got to keep it on charge

  6. I’m on a 2016 still on original battery, never goes on optimiser, only flat once after leaving over winter

  7. Well I’ve got the same year just seems run flat after two days?

  8. I’ve had 2 2cr and the only problem I’ve had is I left it off charge for about two weeks BUT the time before that I was starting and stopping it 5 or 6 times looking for a problem. Often leave her off charge for a week or two.

  9. R1m shite always flat after week ish

  10. I’ve got a jmt lithium leave it 2 weeks no problem.

  11. Have a 2018 r1m I can leave mine for about 5-7 days without starting, that’s with a datatool s4 alarm in normal mode.

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