1998 R1 wouldn’t start


Can i pick your brains on here my 1998 R1 wouldnt start the other day after being out for a run so i charged the battery & put it back on & on tick over the battery is showing 12.16volts then when i put the lights on it drops to 11.90 volts but doesnt increase under revs……..it had a new rectifier on it couple of months ago

cheers for any info

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  1. Check the battery disconnected first, charge and make sure it’s not discharging. Check the stator, you can do it with a multimeter, set to ohms and carry out a resistance test on the plug that would normally go into the rectifier, it should be balanced between the connections, if not you’ve probably got a coil burnt out in the stator. If it’s balanced set multimeter to volts and start, you should see balanced voltage(about 21volts) over the three connections in plug and 50-70volts at 5000rpm. If you have this it’s more than likely the rectifier again, put the stator plug in, and remove output and measure voltage out of rectifier, if low or zero it’s the rectifier. I had a new mosfat rectifier in April and ended up replacing it in July, got a new one under warranty but bought a cheap one to keep me going but carry a rectifier in my tail now as its a common problem and is expensive to get recovered! Lol

  2. Its not really that complicated and takes about 15mins to do tests. You may find some useful info on you tube but if you have a multimeter it is easy, takes longer to write down!

  3. Test at the battery with the multi meter but this time in ac setting. Want less than one volt. If you have it will be the stator. If more rectifier has gone again

  4. really appreciate the info paul thanks very much

  5. well turns out it was the stator so had to put it in the garage yesterday to get fixed & got the garage to fit a 4 degree ignition advancer so hopefully it wont need anything doing for a while & with any luck the weather will be better for tomorrow to get a nice ride out

  6. I thought it would be my 99 just had this problem if it’s your rectifier the voltage at your battery would be upwards of 14.7 if it’s your stator the voltage would read lower than 14 cos if everything is healthy it should read 14.2/14.5 on tickover

  7. i suppose its not that bad seeing as its a 19yr old bike & got to expect old parts needing replaced

  8. Yeah true my rectifier and stator went at the same time and fried most of my electrical plugs so had to replace main loom stator and rectifier then few months later because I didn’t set the magneto bolt to the correct torque, it vibrated loose and grinded my crankshaft and magneto and I had to replace the stator and magneto again last week. But I bought a torque wrench and set it correctly this time.

  9. This is the damage done to my shaft because the magneto bolt came loose

  10. Used scotchbright to remove the sharp edges and luckily I didn’t have to replace the shaft too.

  11. always a relief when something goes right from something that went wrong

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