How to install a speedohealer on MSX 125 Grom


Hey guys. How do I install a speedohealer on my 2015 Grom? Couldn’t find a decent youtube about it. Other system yes, but Healtech speedohealer no.

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  1. Never done it but I think you plug it into where the vs sensor goes and then the vs into the healer

  2. I think steady garage sells a $70 module for both grom and Z that you plug into the speed sensor and then into the connector that used to plug into the speed sensor so it runs inline. All you have to do is calculate the percentage of error that the speedo is displaying and then put that into the module and it will work easy as that. Sounds like a pain but I watched the video and it’s really easy, doesn’t take long.

  3. There’s a link on there site to put in gearing and tire size to give you % error.

  4. Yup either that or you can do the old fashioned compare your speed to GPS

    If anyone needs it

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