High Temperature Racing Brake Fluid


Question: can I use high temperature racing brake fluid in my Vintage? Thanks.

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  1. As long as it is Dot 4 and not Dot 5 (silicone fluid) I dont see why not. The question is why?

  2. I was riding the tail of the dragon. Hit the brakes a few times going into the tight curves and downshifting. Since the curves were close in sequence it seemed that the brake fluid was heating up and I was getting a soft rear brake pedal. I thought this may help that situation in the future while driving roads like these ???

  3. Sharon, your brake fluid was just changed call me when you can.

  4. Heavy braking will cause the pads to heat up way sooner than the fluid. On a relatively short ride like the tail, I would suspect the pads/rotors heating up made the brakes feel mushy as opposed to the fluid.

  5. And by the way…Nice KM

  6. Thank you, Doug!

  7. Sharon, you are welcome. Seeing that it is a KM, it may take Dot 5 fluid. I looked at SL specs before I saw what you ride.

  8. Doug, I just spoke with Robert, who worked on the bike this spring. The problem was the user, me, and my riding style! Lol.

  9. Sharon i had some brake fluid overheating issues on my Km’s and i used DOT6 which is high temparature racing fluid. It solved my rear brakeoverheating problem and has never been a problem.

  10. Be sure to wear gloves so you don’t spill any of that hot fluid on you

  11. And what are you experiencing which makes you think it is necessary?

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