10K Oil Change 2016 Vintage


Doing 10K oil change on my 16 Vintage.Anything special I should look at,or adjust?

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  1. Your owners manual covers that.

  2. I know,just wondering if there”s somethingextra

  3. There’s a list of stuff at 10000.
    Fork oil changed, belt readjusted are a couple. I let the dealer take care of that milestone.

  4. Be sure to lube your kickstand

  5. I think brake fluid is supposed to be changed…mine is stalling occasionally so I will have them run that through…

  6. There you go, all you asked for.

  7. Don’t forget to add blinker fluid via the fairing valve

  8. Check the exhaust fluid while you’re there!

  9. Don’t forget to adjust the kanuder valve!

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