How many miles can 2003 R1 go?


About how many miles can an 03 r1 go?

That had "religious maintenance" done

Getting one tomorrow that's why I'm asking

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  1. Have a buddy with an 00 with over 100k. Only batteries and a couple stators replaced.

  2. Here’s the bike anyway it’s got quite a few mods

  3. Anyone care to guess how much?

  4. Rims gotta go

  5. I’m not the biggest fan of the chrome either but I’ll tolerate them for now

  6. Another question does the bike look lowered because I was told that it is

  7. Never buy a lowered bike. That’s my $0.02

  8. Why ^^^^ Juust means the previous owner didnt know how to ride it. Lol.

  9. Exactly. Lowered bikes means problems. Purchased my 04 lowered and the exhaust was bashed in from the tire hitting it, the nose under the headlights was bashed in from the front tire hitting it, the shocks were shot, and the bottom where the exup is, was flattened. This not only shows how stupid the previous owner was, But makes u wonder what else is wrong.

  10. My 03 has about 45k currently. Still runs just fine.

  11. My 02 has 37650 I paid 3k put 2200 in it on exhaust stator full work up on her I’ll never sell her even after she gives up I’m hoping atleast 70 to 80k miles to go before she does…..

  12. That bike has not been religiously maintained it looks filthy as shit and my God the chicken strips are poking my eyes out over here… and look at the exhaust… run the other way bro

  13. Give you a great deal on a 05 if your interested

  14. If it has over 10k miles its close to blowing up……………

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