YZF R1 +1/-2


Thinking about doing a +1/-2 on my 15. How would I go about correcting the speedometer to read properly

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  1. Too low i guess…just minus 1 front is enough..no effect on the speedo..u still can get about 300..

  2. I think you have your ratios around the wrong way. You want -1, +2…

  3. It’ll read correctly on the 15-16. Also you sure you want +1-2 and not -1+2. As in down 1 up front and up 2 in the rear

  4. You don’t have to worry about any speedo healer. Speed is read from the ABS ring on the wheel.

  5. -1/+2 is perfect gearing for street.
    Zero effect on speedo as it’s read off the rear ABS sensor. Unlike earlier models that are read off the output shaft.

  6. What’s the estimated top speed on a -1+2? I always thought that was way too low but so many people are gearing down their liter bikes.

  7. So if it’s a 2015 r1 it has wheel speed sensors no need for anything. Just change the sprockets and ur good.

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