R1 Big Bang and the 4C8


Whats the best r1 to buy out of the crossplane big bang and the 4c8 thanks

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  1. I say 4c8 but I’m biased as I own one and never ridden a big bang but heard they are lots of fun

  2. Nothing wrong with a 4c8, but I’ve experienced both and would hands down buy the 14b. Or, if there’s any chance of this, save up for a 15+.

  3. 14b is in a different league.

  4. 07 and 08. Freaking beasts.. I have both an 07 and a 2013 and I ride the 07 more.

  5. You only live once go treat yourself to a 2016.

  6. I own a big bang and mate has a 4c8
    Both great bikes in my eyes
    Which eva you buy will be the bolox

  7. Simply 4c8 for track and 14b for road.

  8. A 12-14 with tcs

  9. I’d recommend an 09-11 with Bazzaz TCS over 12-14 with OEM TCS. Much better setup.

  10. I’d honestly recommend no TCS, I think it’s a crutch for 9/10 riders

  11. Crossplane and big bang are the same and big bang doesn’t even exist since none of them have that firing order…

  12. Thanks peaple….second question what’s more reliable 4c8 or crossplane

  13. I know a lot of people with 4c8 engine failures and 0 people with crossplane issues
    Zach Divine has had a lot with his 2015 but I’m pretty sure he uses olive oil in his bike

  14. 12 – 14, great bikes
    What price range yer looking at

  15. 07 for me all day long, I love this bit of kit.

  16. I’m just here waiting for that one person to say "What’s a big bang"

  17. What’s a Big Bang ? LOL

  18. Had both ,LOVE the big bang! !!!

  19. Had a 5vy before and was fun top end but all around 14b with tcs

  20. My funds would only get me the 4c8 but I’m happy with bike and won’t be changing for a few years just yet

  21. Luv my 08 not ridden a crossplane but 4c8 is a beast to ride

  22. I’ve never experienced any Yamaha electronics, but I know my 09 is very predictable out of a corner and leaves black marks all over the place with the right set up on suspension. Never had a bike with aids so can’t really have an opinion on them.

  23. 07-08 are great bikes. Almost same as the 04-06, beside fly by wire throttle vs cable throttle (only bad thing about 4c8’s imo) they are also able to have ecu’s adjusted, have 4 valves per cylinder compared to 5 on the earlier ones, make a little more power then 04-06, and have slipper clutch from factory.
    They also look and sound better then any new r1

  24. Couldn’t comment as I’ve only ever ridden a x plane

  25. I had and 07 and a 15 and now I have an 04. Go figure

  26. 20valve 5vy, best of the lot, i had the 4c8 years ago, went back to 5vy, a good suspension setup and you will embarrass fresh stuff..4c8 are known to drop valves. 14b have starting issues… 5vy maybe dont look as cool and show how flash you are…but who gives a fook when your in front.

  27. A flashed 4c8 is hard to beat. It’s also the last of the traditional looking r1’s and I personally hate the crossplane sound. It’s all personal preference really.

  28. 08 plate. Havent had a problem

  29. I don’t have a problem problem beating any of them and I wouldn’t waste money on the Big Bang

  30. I have had a 03, 04, 05, and 07. Now have a 09 love it.

  31. I get the feeling Cow Tony loves the 4c8 anyone feeling that?

  32. love my 05 Raven

  33. I love my 05!

  34. 2008 for me so far ticks all boxes and looks great to

  35. So many biased opinions from people who own the 07-08 gen. I’ve ridden both extensively. X-plane for me due to the character of the engine. Used to own an ’04.

  36. I own a 99 &land 2008 tried the cross plane did not ge! It’s not a biased view it’s how I feel , not saying I’m right just saying as asked

  37. i love the way people says its this model that has a problem or that model .,ERM NO GOV ITS THE FUCKING RIDER THATS THE PROBLEM lol

  38. One of these two.

  39. Crossplane for me (well my other R1 2016 is better still)

  40. Someone let me ride a new one so I can judge? May need to ride it for a few days though! ­čÖé

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