How do you handle power delivery?


Question: Any of you travel and bring work laptop or other devices? If so, how do you handle power delivery?

I can currently work from anywhere but would need a Hotspot and either a large power bank or small generator. In addition to figuring out power logistics I'd need to pack a chair/table to work on.

Constraints: I have a bike with two side cases, the ability to add a top case (I use a dry bag currently). And of course my willingness to tie things down.

Whatcha got?

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  1. iPad Pro with keyboard. Buy with SIM card or tether to your cell phone.

  2. I keep a large capacity portable power supply in my tank bag which charges when I ride via micro usb which is connected to the port under the seat via charging cable. When I stop at night I can plug in my devices and top them off. I create a hot spot off my phone for my tablet/laptop. Have been doing this for years with no problems.

  3. Well, smartphones are functional for about 90u0025 of what I would use my laptop for. On most trips, I’ll also bring my old tablet, for watching videos or looking at maps or Google Earth, because the (larger) battery seems to last longer in the tablet than in my phone. I also bring a bluetooth mini keyboard (about $20 on Amazon), to make typing on the tablet much less frustrating. The tablet and keyboard would fit in my tankbag easily enough, but I usually keep them in the side case with my clothing (for padding).

    On the bike, I charge my phone and a LIT solar power bank via USB cables. In camp, I use the power bank to recharge my helmet bluetooth and to keep the phone and tablet topped-off overnight. If I’m going to be on the road all day, I usually plug my helmet bluetooth into the LIT power bank whenever I stop for more than a few minutes, to ensure the bluetooth lasts all day; a sunny day will usually charge the Bluetooth without depleting the power bank at all. Bike charges the power bank, power bank charges everything else. If camp has AC power, then I just recharge everything via a small power strip I’ve been packing for years…

  4. My laptop can be charged over type c so I just bring two power banks and I have a USB port under my seat to charge one power bank while I use the other one

  5. Your bike battery to charge your computer or buy a small battery that will fit in your saddlebag. I use my phone as a hotspot for my computer. Same as Scott.

  6. I had previously carried a laptop for downloading videos from an SD card, until I found a way to use a tablet and external drive. I bought a 12v power cord for the laptop, and charged it while riding. Now I just use several battery power banks that can recharge the same way.

  7. I’ve been thinking the same thing, I can work from anywhere but I fear arriving to a spot that doesn’t have wifi/cell coverage.

  8. Get s laptop that has excellent battery life. I am using a surface book pro I bought in 2016 when I am on the motorcycle. Get about 7-10 hours per charge. I have a halo bolt that will charge the laptop when needed and doubles as a jump start device. I added a 12v cigarette lighter to the motorcycle and it can charge the halo device with the bike on or off. You can add a 300w pure sign inverter as well to run off 12v or wired to the battery.

  9. Check the specs on your bike for how much extra wattage is available (it is a generator.) Consider an appropriately sized inverter and second battery, with a marine smart-switch between them.

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