Little dog on the bike.


Y’all were great help with the trailer set up and all!

New challenge.

Mi wife would like us to take our little dog on the bike.

We got on it and he was cool.

Sat there for a bit and started it up.

He was cool.

What process do y’all use to train a dog to get used to being on a bike. This little guy is my wife’s best friend and I don’t want to rush him. Any help will be appreciated!

Thanks y’all!!!

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    LC Thompson. Maybe you can help w this question. Hope you don’t mind me tagging u…


    I was a K9 trainer in the military. Do what you’re doing – successive approximation. Fancy phrase for "a little at a time" and keep rewarding at each step. Don’t move to the next step till your dog can successfully complete the current step several times. Avoid corrections as your dog will come to associate the bike with something negative.

    Walk around the running bike 3 times without freaking out. Reward.
    Sit on the idling bike for 1 minute. Reward.
    Roll around the garage or driveway. Reward.
    Ride slowly down the block. Reward.
    Set reachable milestones and reward often.
    Good luck!


    Take him every time you two go out they should get use to it better if she holds him. We harness ours and tether from harness to my wife fore safety about 12inches.


    If you look at Adam Sandoval and Cricket The Boston Terrier (Instagram) you will see they both use the Kuryakyn Pet Palace for their dogs. You can get good information from Adam Sandoval ‘s YouTube channel on this as well.


    She sees her pouch and gets real excited


    I started my pup riding on a bicycle and used the same techniques as mentioned above. Lots of praise and treats. Transition to the motorcycle was quite easy afterwards. He loves going on anything with two wheels.


    My daughter just gave my wife a pouch thing with a shoulder strap!


    Tank bag leave his head out

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